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Feature: What Excites Us About Wii U - NA Edition

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

So close we can smell the packaging

And so it's almost here, a new home console launch from Nintendo. We only have one of these every five years or more, and North America gets out of the gate first to soak up the new system and put it through its paces. It brings plenty of new features to the table, including its impressive GamePad, a new online focus with services such as Miiverse, and also signals Nintendo's first foray into HD gaming. For fans of the company, in particular, it's an exciting time.

We'll only know in time whether Wii U delivers and meets expectations, and we're certainly looking forward to exploring the console thoroughly and bringing you substantial review coverage — we're on the case so please bear with us. And of course, we have plenty of staff members in North America, with quite a few joining many others to pick up a Wii U at launch. There'll also be a live blog running tomorrow where we'll encourage you to join in and share your launch day experiences; in the meantime, four of our U.S staff have decided to outline what they're looking forward to the most with Wii U, now that it's so close.

Not surprisingly, playing Wii U alone isn't at the forefront of their minds.

Ron DelVillano

I've never really been a huge fan of multiplayer gaming, but I'm actually excited about the online multiplayer potential that the Wii U has shown. Sure, the lack of achievements and the bragging-rights that come with them is a bit of a letdown, but I still look forward to connecting with other Nintendo gamers, and hopefully plenty of Nintendo Life community folk.

I'm probably most excited about all of the different media integration that the Wii U is capable of. Finally having a Nintendo console capable of HD output is a total game-changer for media of all sorts. I'm a big advocate of spending too much time watching television shows, so when Nintendo TVii was finally shown with the Gamepad being used as a universal remote, my excitement went through the roof (though TVii is, unfortunately, delayed until December).

Joe Walker

What I'm most excited about is how multiplayer-focused the system and interface are. My wife and I love playing co-op games together and Wii U is primed to be the best venue for our adventures. The ability to share save files between user profiles is a big bonus, but I think the biggest plus for us, while controversial, is the lack of an achievement system.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure was our favourite game from 2011, but we played it on the Xbox 360, and so when one of us would start earning achievements the other wanted to earn them too, forcing us to play through the game twice and focusing on completing arbitrary goals rather than enjoying the game proper. Wii U's focus looks to be enjoying the games themselves, and we can't wait to dive in!

Morgan Sleeper

I've noticed that whether I'm talking to my family, friends, or significant other, I keep referring to my pre-ordered system as "our Wii U", and that lilting string of pronouns sums up exactly what I'm most excited for in Nintendo's new console. I love playing games, but more than that I love sharing games with other people, and the Wii U looks set to open up a warp-pipe full of wonderfully creative new ways to do that. From Miiverse interactions and online play with faraway friends to asynchronous play and co-op a-go-go with couch-side companions, I'm looking forward to a whole lot of multiplayer fun with the Wii U!

Shaan Joshi

When I first saw the Wii U Gamepad, the first thing that popped into my head was a GameCube game titled Pacman Vs. This simple title, designed by Miyamoto himself, used the Gameboy Advance to GameCube Link Cable, which made for some hectic, yet fun, 1 vs. 3 asymmetrical multiplayer.

Every new console will have some sort of better CPU, better graphics card, and more memory, but what's always made Nintendo systems stand out (recently) are the various controllers and input devices they implemented, whether that be a Wii Remote, the DS/3DS touch screen, or in this case, the Wii U GamePad. Growing up the lone gamer in a house of five, I'm excited to see what new forms of multiplayer gaming the Wii U will bring, especially if that means being able to ease my sister or parents into gaming, which they have normally shied away from.

Bring on the Wii U!

Don't forget to stay tuned for our launch day coverage and live blogging tomorrow, where some of the team will bring regular updates and images of their Wii U shenanigans. We'll be asking you to get involved, too, so keep a camera handy.

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KingDunsparce said:

I wish I had preordered while I had the chance -_-
Anyways, I had the same thought about Pacman Vs.



Grodus said:

The Wii U will be awesome.
And Pac-man Vs. U would make an excellent eShop game...



TysonOfTime said:

Ughh... I'm on the wait list.

D: Oh well.
Can't wait until the next shipment.
Have fun tomorrow lucky jerks.



DarkLloyd said:

im going to take it out to a fancy dinner deluxe style and make out with it down by the fire



Auracle said:

I hope my Wii U will get here by Monday. Until then, I'll try research a cheap way to upgrade to Wii Motion+ remotes.



Wonder_Ideal said:

This 'Murican is probably going to have to wait until Monday for his Wii U to arrive by mail. Ah well, it's a short delay and I can wait...I can wait.



_Octoling_ said:

Hmm...NLife needs review soon. Reviews seem to hype me up like nothing else. It migh be weird, but the I didn't sleep the night the first Nintendo land and mario reviews came in.



IsawYoshi said:

@Grodus Really looking forward to the wii u too
But you should think about the pacman vs. for a sec. Remember that while the gameplay is completely doable on wii u, the tech is still to very separate things.



SageWaterDragon said:

I am beginning my wait outside Wal*Mart 10PM tonight, as I was never able to get a preorder anywhere. But let it not be said that I am not of conviction! 2 hour wait in the freezing cold, here I come!



Bigowl said:

Can't wait! 10am tomorrow I am going to be one of the lucky ones!te-he!



Tangoswthbowser said:

My hopes mirror Morgan's and Shaan's thoughts. My fiancee is interested in games, but hasn't picked up a console controller since Super Mario World was still new. Once that Amazon box shows up on the doorstep, I'm gonna try to get her to love the world of Nintendo as much as I do.



Mk_II said:

You guys are so lucky... Let's hope this puts an end to all the "Nintendo hates us" whining from the USA



WaxxyOne said:

@Shaan Joshi Recently? Let's take a look:

1983: NES - D-pad. Present on every major home console since.
1989: Gameboy - First widely successful cartridge-based portable
1990: SNES - Shoulder buttons (I guess Sega figured no one would notice they just moved the Select button over a few inches and called it "C".)
1995: Virtual Boy - 3D portable w/ detached controller, dual directional inputs (D-pads). Predates the Dual Analog controller by 2 years. (Sorry, Sony)
1996: N64 - Analog stick, trigger button, controller expansion port, force feedback
2001: Gamecube - Analog triggers, (w/ digital click), staggered dual-analog layout. (You're welcome, Microsoft)
2001: GBA - Handheld w/ shoulder buttons
2003: GBA SP - Handheld "clamshell" design
2004: DS - Touch screen, dual-screen gaming
2006: Wii - Motion controls, infrared sensing, on-controller speaker and memory
2012: Wii U - Built-in screen, stereo speakers, camera, universal remote, proximity card-reader

Yeah, Nintendo coming up with innovative input methods is nothing new. Let's just hope they can keep it up over the next few decades.



WaxxyOne said:

@QyetCapri Pssh. I waited for the Wii for 14 hours. Of course after the first 2 hours, Walmart let us come inside where it was warm, but it's the thought that counts!!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i have to wait until closer to christmas or after christmas to get mine, since i had to cancel my pre-order. so everyone enjoy your Wii U and I hope I will be joining at christmas time



SCAR said:

Pretty darn excited I must admit. Pre-ordered the Deluxe first day they were available as a pre-order, because I knew they would be sold out. I'm just wondering who the hell pre-ordered all of them. because every one didn't know what it was according to alot of people. Getting Deluxe Set, NSMBU, and another game, or maybe some accessories. I'm going a 1/2 hour before opening at Best Buy, because I'm not worried about EVERYTHING selling out EVERYWHERE. I hear NSMBU and Nintendo Land will be downloadable too, so less worry there, too. I saw digital codes on sale on Best for NSMBU, and official stereo mic headsets for $20. I just wish Wii U had optical out, because my reciever won't support 3d Passthrough and other features standard with the 1.4 HMDI, so I'll probably buy a new reciever later... YAAAAYHOOOO! Gonna go get the console and see what downloadable on the eShop, THEN go back to GS and claim my pre-order for NSMBU. PDP is releasing a ext. HDD w/ 320 GB for $80. If it's licensed by Nintendo I'll probably get it to MAKE SURE it works. The essentials kit looks useful too. I hope everyone has a good launch day tommorow!



Chunky_Droid said:

While I'm the main person that wants the Wii U in the house, it's constantly referred to my family, myself included, as our Wii U. It's been a planned launch with our family that I can have my Darksiders and ZombiU, as long as there's some games for the whole family to play together aswell, and I think that's great!



rjejr said:

@SCAR392 wrote - I just wish Wii U had optical out, because my reciever won't support 3d Passthrough and other features standard with the 1.4 HMDI, so I'll probably buy a new reciever later...

I just came to this realization last night while I was switching my 3 port optical switch (that I bought a month ago so I didn't have to buy a new receiver) from 1 - cable box to 3 - PS3. I was saving 2 for the Wii U (b/c is rhymes). I don't know why this just dawned on me last night, but it did.

I know HDMI is here and now and an HDMI cable in every box is nice but listening thru my tv speakers or stereo out sucks. So does my Wi Fi.

The 4Gb Xbox360 Kinect bundle has a $100 Kinect controller and both optical and Ethernet ports and is $199 Black Friday. Shigeru Miyamoto save me from what I am about to do.



SCAR said:

@rjejr I wouldn't buy an XBOX 360 if I were you, guy, I sold my Gears 320 GB w/ Kinect and 4 games that were exclusive to the system for $250. What I'm trying to say is, nobody wants the XBOX 360 anymore kinda, and hardcore support won't be made to get people to play it anymore besides Halo 4 which came out at the beginning of the month. PS and XBOX messed up kinda, having to try and keep their current consoles afloat with as much features they can last minute. Wii U wWILL be the best console. Not trying to sound like a smart a, but I advise buying the Wii U, even if it takes an extra month or so to wait, because the same exact XBOX of last year sells for $400 with a Halo 4 game, instead of Gears of War 3. I will not buy another XBOX until the new one comes out, because the curent on is pretty much half of the Wii U, in terms of the specs in the box, and just overall functionality and modernization. I won't have a reciever that can connect the Wii U to 5.1, but I'll have one soon, and I can wait a month or so to have the ultimate setup. Well, I'm using a PS 3D Display, because it was cheap and did all the features I wanted for the best price litterally ever , plus it goes good with the PS3 and Simulview. Hope you buy a Wii U!



NintendoMaster said:

Gamestop opens at 11 AM tomorrow. So much for a midnight launch or early release, but hey in 14 hrs I'll be playing the Wii U!



coolvw93 said:

cant wait for it to come out!!! though, unfortunately i didnt pre order it due to lack of funds and a college fee that came out of nowhere on top of that, im glad i know some one who is getting it so i will at least be able to play it by going to their place to play it.



ReshiramZekrom said:

Well, the Wii U is officially out in my time zone!
Although the hype will really start in about an hour...

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