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Guild01 Titles Heading to eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

SUDA51's Liberation Maiden Available Now in Europe

Not long ago we reported a rumour that Level-5's Guild01 could be coming to North America, which was exciting as it's a collection of four 3DS games developed by different studios in Japan. Today's Nintendo Direct in Europe sprung a surprise, with confirmation that three of those titles will be released before the end of the year as individual downloads on the 3DS eShop: Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud.

While these are confirmed to arrive by the "end of the year" in North America, Liberation Maiden is available in the European eShop right now, priced at £7.19, with Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud being released in the next two months. Liberation Maiden is arguably the most eagerly anticipated, being what seems to be an intense shooter from Goichi Suda.

We'll be downloading and reviewing it as soon as possible. How pleased are you about three of the four Guild01 titles arriving on the eShop? For you Europeans, how many of you are already downloading Liberation Maiden?

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FonistofCruxis said:

Releasing the Guil01 games separatley as 3DSware games is a good idea. Liberation maiden looks awesome but I doubt I'll get the other two.



Kyloctopus said:

So the Rumour was true. I hope we see more Level 5 games like Time Travelers getting localized.



wuuds said:

so excited for this! mostly for Liberation Maiden since i'm a huge Sudo51 fan but also for the other two since they are made by such legends



gojiguy said:

I want to see ALL the Guild 01 games brought over...

and, personally I'd prefer a cart.

But, hey, I'll take what I can get. Bring it on! If these sell well then maybe the games in Guild 02 will come over as well!



wuuds said:

aaaaah i couldnt go get any nintendo eshop point cards .. lame!! i have to wait for tomorrow



BJQ1972 said:

A very sensible way to release some of the more esoteric Japanese games. Wonder why the 4th game hasn't been localised though.



Raylax said:

Played the first two levels of Liberation Maiden. It's pretty great



AyeHaley said:

Just downloaded Liberation Maiden on trust that Suda51's games are always from quality. Hope I won't be dissapointed! The other 2 also look promising.



RR529 said:

I can't wait for Liberation Maiden to release here in the States!

Might get Crimson Shroud as well.




Downloaded Liberation Maiden and had a hour on it. Reminds me of KId Icarus Uprising flight sections. Decent so far if a tad chaotic



Mollutje said:

Kinda weird to have a game out on the eshop with almost no footage available to show off what the hell we're dealing with. It's managed to catch my eye, now if only we had a nice detailed review.. cough cough



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

I want to see this in action. the screenshots look cool but you cant judge a shooter without seeing it in action.



bluecat said:

By the "end of the year" for North America? Well cool. There isn't much left in 2012 so the wait won't be long!



WiiLovePeace said:

Releasing the Guild01 games on eShop was a genius idea! Means I don't have to pay full retail price for a pack of 4 games when I might not enjoy all 4 & now instead can buy them seperately. I'm pumped to see how they review, heck I'm pumped to see some gameplay from the 1st & 3rd games at all rather than just cutscenes



Pikachupwnage said:

Liberation maiden looks awesome!

I mean Who doesn't want to destroy evil as the white haired teenage mecha flying president of japan?

...............Suda51 you make some weird games. Awesome but zubat **** crazy.



Adhrast said:

I bought Liberation Maiden right after the Nintendo Direct out of love for Level5 and a determined will to support everything they do, not even knowing if I'd like the game or not.
I have to say, those € 7,99 were incredibly well spent.
The game is awesome, both the in-game graphic and the anime cut-scenes are visually stunning.
The gameplay is chaotic (in a good way) and resembles KIU's flight sections. It might take a little while to get used to these controls, but they're absolutely not impossible to deal with.
I've cleared 4 stages, which feature an increasing level of awesomeness boss fights can get messy, but as I said, it just takes practice.

tl;dr: awesome mecha shump, buy it ASAP



Araknie said:

I would have liked to have the cartridge for two reasons:

1) I don't connect with consoles very much often, the opposite, so i don't have reason to have downloadable content on the 3DS.
2) They Guild01 original had 4 games, there's one missing and i don't like that they are not toghether.

I'm a Nintendo fan, not a blind person. Connectivity is useful only if it's an option not a must have.



daznsaz said:

I put a tenner on lastnight and got vvvvv and chicken pirates.Then watched the video saying liberation maiden now available.had to top up again didnt want to wait for a suda 51 game.think crimson shroud will be good too.



Samholy said:

everyone will pick liberation maiden, but the other ones might be left out.
they should put a package deal for all of them too, cheaper than picking them separately.



PinkSpider said:

This is kinda cool when u think about, it means that we could get more obscure Japanse gamed released for download. Happy days



wuuds said:

going to fire Liberation Maiden up now for the first time!
wonder what it plays like




Yeah, where's the 4th guild 01 game? It's the weapons manufacturing RPG one I think. Can't quite remember.



koops330 said:

glad to see this coming west I plan to get Suda51 game I will have to look into the others when I get a chance



Freelance said:

@Samholy Nope. Aero Porter sounds neat but I don't think people like those types of games. Dunno if I'd wanna pay 7 bucks for it though.



LittleIrves said:

Too bad the 4th one couldn't be re-worked, but I understand why.... wasn't it made by a Japanese comedy troupe, so the game was full of regional in-jokes that Westerners wouldn't get? Would love to see the Guild-01 brand on the eShop versions somewhere, almost like an Art Style type of branding, but it seems like they're being sold as individual titles? Hmm. Let's hope Guild-02 games make it stateside, too.



okamiki said:

Someone can tell if we are going to get a sequel or dlc for Liberation Maiden??

I have to know the end of Shoko´s story!!!

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