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Sonic Racing Transformed Frame Rate Issues Have Been Solved

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Sumo Digital confirms that Wii U frame rate issues have been fixed

A couple of days ago, our very own Thomas Whitehead went hands-on with a handful of third-party Wii U titles, including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Aside from a few GamePad-specific complaints, Thomas' biggest problem with Sonic's new outing was the game's awful frame rate, which was far from buttery-smooth.

Developer Sumo Digital has heard these complaints, and has confirmed that these frame rate issues have been solved. While the game is still in development, Sumo Digital executive producer Steve Lycett posted on Sega's official forums, ensuring that the Wii U version is currently closest to the target frame rate, excluding the PC version.

If anything, the Wii U version is now the closest to the target frame rate, well discounting the PC version that is.

It seems like both public and private demos have been based off older builds as the team is focusing on getting the game ready for Wii U launch.

Are you excited for Sonic's latest racer?


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idork99 said:

Good for the developers! Speaking of racing, it's Friday! Are there any MK7 racers out there willing to race in the NL community?



DRL said:

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing was a great game. At times, I almost prefer the slick controls of that game to Mario Kart DD and Wii. I will most definitely be picking this up for the Wii U especially if the $39.99 price tag on is correct.



SMW said:

You hear that? Sounds like the Wii U one will be the best of them all! About time Nintendo starts getting the best versions!



aaronsullivan said:

Good news. The bad news is that the game going back on the maybe-buy list just makes the decisions about what to buy more complicated.



youkoaoshi said:

Extremely happy about this. I wanted to get this for a Nintendo online community vs. 360 or PS3 because I feel there will be less belligerent kids playing. The online community for those systems are atrocious as far as people are concerned......



Varia01 said:

That appears to be inspired by Mario Kart 7. I'll be looking into this. Though for some reason Sonic and his friends appear to be the only cool and non-crazy characters in the game...




Oh thank heaven! I actually cancelled my pre-order based on your last preview. May re-pre-order it now. Still, u guys said Sonic's car handled like a shopping trolley and it had a pointless, ill applied map system. May still need a review.



Handy_Man said:

You know, it's pretty awesome how we're getting a game inspired by Mario Kart and Diddy King Racing on launch day.

I loved the first All-Stars Racing game, can't wait for this one!



doctor_doak said:

Excellent. Was disappointed to hear how shoddy the early build was. This will satiate my kart racer appetite.



NintyMan said:

That's good, this is now back on my radar. If it really is only $40 then that helps just as well. I'll await the review.



Chunky_Droid said:

Fingers crossed this will be the new build they will show at the EB Expo, but i expect it will be the same as the one Thomas played



Vehemont said:

I'll just wait until I see some reviews of the Wii U version before I decide to buy. Even if it is just 40 dollars.



Bankai said:

I like how everyone is ignoring the fact that the only advantage the Wii U has over the other consoles, the gamepad, is badly used here, and that apparently still hasn't been fixed.

I'll just get it for $7 rather than $110 (Australian) on the iPad. lol.



Ark said:

True, the Wii U version isn't looking terribly special at the moment. I'll probably pick it up on Vita or PS3 for consistency.

If the iOS game is anything like the original, though, it will have a fraction of the characters, stages, and modes as well as questionable stability. I've seen no indication that the iOS sequel will improve or worsen things, so I won't pass judgement yet. Theoretically, I am more interested in the immediate gratification offered by the PS3/Wii U/360/Vita versions rather than waiting for updates that still offer inferior content.

Really, I'm happy to pay top dollar to get everything instead of just the core experience. I also feel compelled to support the company's retail efforts given the current financial situation.



Aviator said:

A fraction of the characters, stages and modes for the fraction of the price.

And you're complaining?



SteveW said:

I'm not totally convinced.. what is their target framerate? they dont't mention that, it could be 20 fps...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@SteveW Nah that would probably be the rate that was seen in the demos.

Generally, target frame rates are 30-60fps range unless you're working on much better hardware on say the PC which right now is probably around the 80 to 120 level.

@Aviator My guess is Ark is more concerned about the stability issues from the previous game.

@WhiteKnight My guess is they're just rushing it out for release so they can have a version on every platform. They probably haven't thought much on the actual GamePad implementation. Most of the ports seem like that right now, though that being said the other ones seem to have better actual implementations.




Thought the ipad version of the original was decent , but unsatifying. I think it was an enhanced version of the DS version merely with the home consoles menu system. It had tha lurch mechanic that the DS version had when u implemented boost that caused u to fly into wrong drection with the ipad motion controls. The DPad was better for such a mechanic. I much prefered the wii version. By the time it came out on iOS, it was under 10 quid retail anyway. May get the 3DS version instead, unless that's a bork up as well. Reviews needed.



SMW said:

The first one on the Wii suffered from many issues too, but I never noticed any of them in my 80 hours or so of gameplay. If Transformed has issues, they likely won't be affecting me much either. I'm still pumped!



Linkstrikesback said:

I'll wait for reviews to see if the problems are actually fixed, rather than a PR guy, who for all intents and purposes is just as likely to be lying as he is telling the truth.



Ark said:

It wasn't a complaint so much as a mutal disagreement. Price is rarely a barrier to my enjoyment of a game unless it is upwards of $150. If the iOS version has all the retail content at an equal price (with good stability) I would buy it there since my device is always with me. Those with a passing interest or less care for Sega/Sonic fan-service will likely get much better bang for their bucks on the App Store.

As @ThePillowGolem said, the stability is something to actually take issue with. Even after the most recent update, it crashes every few courses and is generally slow on my device (something I don't care for in a racing game). Sega could easily turn this all around for the sequel, though.



cyphid said:

@BluTyGer Newegg had sent an email with the code. One place to keep up to date with game deals is Cheap Ass gamer ( ) I check that place regularly since the forum community is so informed and up to date of sales. I'd recommend a worth see!



cyphid said:

@BluTyGer Ok, I did some searching online and found this promo code: EMCNAJB243

It looks familiar to what I used. Never hurts to try it right?



MARl0 said:

If it's not 60fps, then they haven't fixed it. I will not bother when I can play Mario Kart at 60fps on lesser hardware (from a technical perspective).



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I read on NeoGAF that the frame rate is 30 f/s for all the consoles because of the dynamic water (takes a lot of resources). I agree with the person who posted that he'd rather have 60 f/s than dynamic water.



DrSlump said:

No, i'll wait for mario kart 8, with full hd graphics. Nintendo can not sell the new mario kart game with less than full hd resolution. I have big expectations for the new mario kart title.



animalzer0 said:

"wait.. Why am I in a car?"

No really, I'm super excited ^.^

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