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Square Enix Takes Quarterly Earnings Hit

Posted by Damien McFerran

Still plenty more hit points left, though

Japanese super-publisher Square Enix has made public its financial results for for the opening quarter of 2012, posting a net loss of 2,077 million yen.

The figures — which take in the first three months of the financial year up to June 2012 — are attributed by the company to poor console sales. Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D on the Nintendo 3DS has apparently sold very well in Japan, but other titles have disappointed commercially. However, Square Enix did reveal that some of its non-console projects — specifically browser-based and mobile games — performed 'favourably'.

You can view the earnings statement here and the press release here.


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Bankai said:

It was a slow release quarter for Square Enix.

Nothing to see, moving on here.



XCWarrior said:

They did release Kingdom Hearts, Heroes of Ruin and Theatrerhythm for 3DS all in July, so I wouldn't call it a slow period.



Bankai said:

@XCWarrior Do I need to explain to you the difference between an AAA-game for a major console and a release for a niche console with a small install base?

Square Enix didn't exactly release a numbered Final Fantasy or Tomb Raider game last quarter.



Araknie said:

You don't say? Everybody seems to be angry with Square-Enix now.
FFXIII-2 was too much fan-service than a real better version of XIII, they cut out localization to a lot of games and lately even the controversy with Lara almost raped. Damn!



RR529 said:

@Mahe, I can't speak for the quality of their recent non-3DS games (as I haven't been looking ), but Theatrhythm was extremely well recieved, and KH:DDD has mostly favorable reviews.

Doesn't sound like much "sucking" is going on.



TheAdza said:

I know it sounds stupid but i feel kind of guilty about this as I have yet to pick up KH DDD. I really want it but money is a bit tight at the moment.
I just hope this doesnt put any road blocks up for the Wii U version on DQX being released, the Wii U could do with a MMO like game in its infancy. I'm always up for more Dragon Quest.



GameCube said:

Theatrhythm is the best game on the 3DS so far, so it's not a matter of quality.



Geonjaha said:

Squeenix - Just release some 3DS Dragon Quest games here in the west. I know I'd buy all three instantly. :3



bezerker99 said:

U make lame games, u get lame results. Now, excuse me while I go download FF and FFIII on my droid phone.



Mahe said:

@RR529 Kingdom Hearts 3D might be good for KH fans, but for me, it's a mess of a game. (Although it does have a pretty good soundtrack.) And the Theatrhythm demo convinced me AWAY from buying the game (I was going to buy it because I like rhythm games). Their console offerings haven't been too hot either.



HandheldGuru97 said:

@Mahe had never gotten into Kingdom Hearts before Dream Drop Distance and I am still enjoying it. And Theatrhythm is just all kinds of awesome.



odd69 said:

Square didnt get a whole bunch of my money this year,to many new game developers fighting for my money. Most of what i purchased was downloadable games through PSN and WiiWare. No retail releases



WiiLovePeace said:

Hopefully the next quarter earnings they release have profits go up with the awesome 3DS games they released



Hokori said:

Just make FF V- oh let's say X on 3DS and you'll get some major ¥€$



gundam00 said:

Theatrhythm:FF has been SOLD OUT on Newegg for the last month, and has been listed on Amazon for over $50 for the last month with the peak price being $58. I think Theatrhythm surpassed sales expectations!

Also, Square Enix has been developing their Luminous Engine which hasn't been released yet.



Henmii said:

Well, Square Enix seems to be in a slump recently! They have made soooo many Final fantasy titles that, according to some fans, they have lost their touch a bit!

A well, if they wait a few years before releasing the next true Final fantasy (14 or 15, I am not sure) it could be incredible again! Anyway, I love the spin-off called Thearhtym. But I believe that wasn't made straight by Square Enix. But still: One of the best games so far on the 3DS!



Banker-Style said:

Who's Terry?
Am I Terry?

When they release a new Tomb Raider,or a number Final Fantasy,that should help them.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I don't think they have to worry really, they've got quite a few great franchises in their hands. Even if they just released VC games for a while and brought already released games to platforms they've never been on (Final Fantasy remakes, ports, you name it, ...) that would be fine by me.
Also what @GameCube (#11) said. Bravely Default looks like a week one buy so far.



Samholy said:

squareenix always have financial difficulties.
they game groundbreaking games, but the reason why they still goes into financial trouble still amazes me.

i still buy all the squareenix games i can. never been disapointed.

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