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Guild01 Could be Coming to North America

Posted by Mike Mason

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Have you been looking forward to Level-5's Guild01, the 3DS collection that gathers together four games from renowned developers? You might be in luck, as some trademarks have been uncovered that suggests it could be on the way to North America.

Siliconera has been doing some digging around and discovered trademarks listed for Crimson Shroud, Yasumi Matsuno's dungeon crawler entry, and Liberation Maiden, which is a direct translation of Goichi Suda's shooter Kaihō Shōjo.

In Japan, Guild01 consisted of four games on one cartridge, the other two being Yoot Saito's airport simulator Aero Porter and Rental Bukiya de Omasse, a rhythm-based weapon shop management game by Yoshiyuki Hirai.

Hopefully we'll get the whole lot too — we'll keep you updated as we learn more. Which game are you most looking forward to trying out?


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Retro_on_theGo said:

Oh man I hope this means it's coming to America! I would definitely buy it as all the games seem awesome. The individual trade marks make me somewhat hope the games just get released individually on the eShop. But I would definitely buy the full collection.
Btw, there's an error on the strong at the end of the second paragraph.



Medicham said:

If it's made my Level 5 then its already good. Level 5 was the same company that did the amazing Dragon Quest: Sentienlts of the Starry Skies. Square Enix also was there.



19Robb92 said:

I don't get what it is. Four new games or four remakes of older titles?

Is it good? Level 5 & Suda 51 among others in the same package sure sounds like a treat.



C-Olimar said:

Surprising,considering it sold so poorly in Japan. Probably won't make it to Europe though, not without strong US sales...



Kyloctopus said:

@C-Olimar Actually, according to product analysts, most localised Japanese games get almost (or more than) double their sales, in North America. Than in their home country.



Tsuchinoko said:

@19Robb92 Its four original games, some of longer length than others, all four by different creators. Its trying to push big name developer titles.

I would say...its okay...I was bored to tears by Crimson Shroud, but I'll still go through it some more. I don't know anything about Suda 51, I looked him up, and his name is Suda Goichi (ah I get it, go-ichi, 51...clever nickname I guess...). The games have varying quality to them, and it makes the package really uneven. I haven't played the "main" title, 解放少女 (kaihou shoujo), and I've only just looked into Rentaru bukiya, but I'm not seeing this game doing so well. That being said, information is coming out already about Guild02, and I'm much more interested in that set of games.

@Klyo actually, the game didn't sell well here, by company and Japanese standards. And games selling more in other regions would really depend on the game. Most of the time, a game is localized because they think it will sell. Of course, with some cases, it could really be just because the population of America is so much bigger, and that's why sales really just when hitting overseas (I know this is the case with big franchises like Mario or Zelda, which are always a hit in all regions.



19Robb92 said:

Okay, thanks a lot for the info.

Suda 51 have created titles like Killer7 for GC and the No More Heroes series for Wii. All amazing and quite strange, but lovely, titles IMO.

I guess I'll keep my eyes on it if it turns up to launch in EU.



Tsuchinoko said:

@19Robb92 Yeah, I mean, if it goes overseas, then try it. But I really don't think anyone here is playing it. I travel with my 3DS all the time, and I connect with other 3DS owners a lot wirelessly, I think I have almost 400 Miis in my Mii Station (is that what you call it in english? We call it Mii広場), but I have yet to actually connect with someone who played this game. I always get stuff for Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter 3G, I see a lot of people playing NSMB2, or Super Mario Land, Dragon Quest Terry's Monsters, Theatrythm FF, Taiko Tatsujin, Oni-training, Project Mirai, Dopamix, Pocket Soccer League Inazuma Eleven, and pretty much everything else, but I have yet to get anything for Guild01.



Slapshot said:

Hey, Level-5! I'd drive my butt to GameStop and preorder this in full right now if you confirmed this for a US release. Just lettin' you know. hint, hint...



theblackdragon said:

rhythm-based weapon-shop management what? that actually sounds interesting. the rest, not so much for me... hmm. if they don't think it'll sell well, perhaps they'd consider splitting the games up and releasing them as 'ware titles?



Tsuchinoko said:

@theblackdragon Honestly, I'm all for omnibus releases. I feel like that's something that isn't done so much with video games, though movies do it often. I just think this specific collection isn't holding my interest that much, and yeah, its a matter of personal taste.

I know there's a thread already made for this game, and when I get further into Rentaru bukiya and kaihou shoujo, I'll let you know what I think of them.

I do think that Aero Porter would have made a decent e-shop title. It feels like a DSi-ware game. It doesn't even use the 3D at all.



theblackdragon said:

@Tsuchinoko: true, they usually only do this kind of thing with retro titles and lame party games — it's interesting to see it happen with indie stuff. i'm not so sure how i'd feel about purchasing a full-price 3DS compilation like this when only one game out of the four sounds interesting to me at all, though — i'm not really a fan of shooters, dungeon crawlers annoy the ever-lovin' stuff outta me, and then there's already two perfectly good airport-simulation games out as DSiWare already iirc (i'm wanting to say Phil reviewed them?) so if i'd wanted one, i'd've already gotten one, y'know?

Thank you for giving us all details about the games, though; hopefully other people are getting excited for it at least :3 What's Guild02 got that has you looking forward to it so much?



RR529 said:

YES! I've been keeping my eye on this. I really want to play Crimson Shroud & Suda 51's game (Of course, I'd try the others as well)!



CanisWolfred said:

I'd buy the full collection, but I really don't want Airporter, so I hope it gets released individually. The two that got trademarked are the ones I definitely want the most. D&D without the need for other people? Heck yes! And of course I'm all over the rail-shooting mecha game. The Merchant game sounds good, too.



Klinny said:

I read "rhythm-based weapon shop management game" and was instantly intrigued. Definitely interested, especially with the Level-5 logo stamped on there.



Tsuchinoko said:

@theblackdragon Guild02 has an interesting looking game titles "Alone" that looks like a horror game, and is from the perspective of a young innocent. All I read so far about it is that its about the innocence of youth, and being lost without anyone helping you, and having to escape from a place with no memory of how you got there. Also there's a game featuring a shrunken battle tank vs. 1/1 scale insects like bees and ants. Also a game taking place in the latter half of 1960's Japan called 怪獣が出る金曜日(Kaijuu ga deru Kinyoubi - The Friday the monsters came), that features a child protagonist.

Here's the page that's been set up. The 4th game hasn't been announced yet. This just looks like a much more interesting set of games.



FonistofCruxis said:

I would like it to come to Europe but I doubt I'd buy it at full-price as only two of the games interest me which are Liberation maiden (the one I'm most interested in) and the merchant game. I like tbd's idea of each of the titles being released as seperate 3DSware titles.




Read a revw of the Japanese import in Nintendo Gamer where it scored a 75%. Read more like an 80 when u bare in mind the score sometimes goes up marginally when the English copy is reviewed by them. None of the actual games are outstanding, however. They're either "good" or "above average". Overall though they all sound interesting ans quirky and its a decent compilaton I think



ArcanaXVI said:

All of the games sound intriguing, but Kaiho Shojo is at the top of my list. Just about anything by Suda51 is a day-one purchase for me.



Samholy said:

looks like an odd game...
im very curious about it, i like strange things. a weapon store management game ???? wow



LittleIrves said:

Whoa... the 2nd game in Guild 02 (the miniature tank vs. insect game) is by Comcept, headed up by Keiji Inafune of Mega Man fame.

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