EnjoyUp Games has given us plenty of fun and inexpensive downloads on DSiWare, and has clearly decided to try a concept so wacky that the actual idea is fun on its own. We present to you Crazy Hunter, and crazy seems to be the right word.

In summary you play as Dundee the Mad Crocodile, who realises that there are hens living in the clouds with a lot of golden eggs, and immediately dreams about the wealth they can bring. Wondering how to reach them, he decides that he'll use the goats that like to hang around on 'candy-made' platforms along the river and create a tower. How can he do this? It's actually quite simple, as he can use his super-charged speedboat, knock the goats off their platforms and then use a crane and fishing hook to get them out of the water. Easy peasy.

It's a concept worthy of its crazy title, and the teaser/trailer from EnjoyUp Games is below. If games are supposed to be escapist fantasy then this idea surely fits the bill, and it's confirmed to be on the way to both DSiWare and eShop. Even though we know little about the actual gameplay, are you intrigued?