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Two Tribes Has 'Something Big' Coming to Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tell us all about it

Two Tribes has already confirmed that it's working to bring Toki Tori 2 to Wii U, with the goal of arriving on the system on or near its launch. As it's a developer that's already keen to be involved in Nintendo's next console, we were certainly encouraged when the following exchange took place on our Twitter feed.

@TwoTribesGames: Hey @nintendolife! @watdoetcollin's offering to answer questions about Toki Tori on your site. How about a retweet?

@nintendolife: @TwoTribesGames @watdoetcollin anytime guys! Just email us if you want to do an interview or something!

@TwoTribesGames: Well @nintendolife, we've got something big Nintendo related to show off in the next few weeks, so that sounds like a plan to us!

Could it be more details on Toki Tori 2, or something completely different? We'll find out soon.

Also, if you want to see some of the answers given by Two Tribes on Toki Tori, head on over to our Toki Tori hatches on European eShop next week article, and keep an eye out for comments from Collo.


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Victoria said:

I just love seeing that Toki Tori bird. To me he is the cutest gaming character. Long after I finished playing Toki Tori I still have him on my Wii's main screen just because he's so cute! He always makes me smile.



ThomasBW84 said:

@squashiejoshie Thanks for that, I actually went to the effort to link them all to the relevant Twitter accounts, but the website over-ruled me! I had to remove the @ icons, so they should work now



erv said:

Toki Tori is an awesome game, and for those interested, you can follow the development of part 2 on an almost day by day basis.

Great studio, I'll settle for anything as good as toki tori was. On my wiiU. With a bucket full of popcorn. And a ferrari.



CommanderAudio said:

It'll probably be something about Toki Tori 2. That's the only big game Two Tribes have published other than EDGE



sinalefa said:

My bro gave me this game for my birthday around two years ago. I could not beat it as the later levels were too much for me, but I still enjoyed the game and the quality that went into it. Good luck to Two Tribes in their next project(s)!

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