Lay a little egg for me

Two Tribes' platform puzzler Toki Tori is chirruping its way into the European 3DS eShop next week. It was originally released on Game Boy Color in 2001; if you missed it back then, here's your chance to see what all the squawking was about.

The concept is the same as the WiiWare version. You join the titular chick on a mission to rescue the eggs of his unborn siblings, which have been snatched away to a mysterious castle. Toki Tori has to deploy tools, such as bridges, to dodge traps and grab all the eggs in each stage before escaping unharmed. In some stages, that's far easier said than done.

Toki Tori will be ready to scramble your brains from 2nd August. It'll cost £3.60 / €4.00. Are you up to the challenge?

Thanks to Bass_X0 for the news tip.