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Interview: Dave Cox - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

Posted by Damien McFerran

Burning questions answered

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate remains one of our most eagerly-awaited 3DS titles here at Nintendo Life, thanks to the simple fact that several of our staff are absolutely potty about Konami's long-running vampire-hunting franchise.

Following hard on the heels of the sublime DS 'Metroidvania' titles, Mirror of Fate looks set to continue the long tradition of top-notch portable entries for the series, with Spanish code-house Mercury Steam — the guys also responsible for the best-selling reboot Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — at the helm this time around.

Keen to know more about this intriguing title, we caught up with Konami's Dave Cox, who is acting as producer for not only Mirror of Fate, but also Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which is due to launch on 360 and PS3 in the near future.

Nintendo Life: When did development on Mirror of Fate begin?

Dave Cox: At the end of 2010.

NL: The Lords of Shadow series has drastically rewritten some elements of the Castlevania canon — given the dedicated nature of the fan-base, have you encountered any resistance to this?

DC: This is a separate universe and time line, so the original mythology is unchanged. We haven’t rewritten anything.

NL: How hard was it to introduce characters such as Trevor and Simon Belmont into your re-imagined time line?

DC: It was easy; I love the original classic Castlevania games and wanted to establish the relationship of Dracula with the Belmont clan, so Simon and Trevor had to be a part of that.

NL: Where does fan favourite Alucard fit into the storyline?

DC: Alucard plays a major role in Mirror of Fate, and his story is one of the key features of the game.

NL: How close is Mirror of Fate going to be to the Metroidvania style of gameplay seen in the DS and GBA versions?

DC: This is more akin to Dracula’s Curse and features multiple branching pathways with specific character areas. Players can backtrack and explore the castle, but this is an action combat game, not an RPG.

NL: How will Mirror of Fate make use of the 3DS' unique features, such as the auto-stereoscopic screen, 3D camera and wireless functions, such as StreetPass and SpotPass?

DC: We use the stereoscopic screen to display the field of view in a rich and deep three dimensional plane. Players will feel they are looking into a miniature and highly detailed 3D world that looks like a diorama. We use the camera occasionally to move into the world for dramatic effect, giving players a real feeling of being a part of this world. I'm afraid I cannot talk about the other features yet.

NL: I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but is Koji 'IGA' Igarashi involved with Mirror of Fate in any capacity? What's his current role within Konami?

DC: No, Mr Igarashi is not involved and I don’t know what his current role is in Konami.

NL: Given the parity in terms of technological power between the PS3/360 and Wii U, is there any chance that we could see an enhanced version of Lords of Shadow 2 for the system?

DC: No, we have no plans for a Wii U version.

NL: That's a shame. Are you excited by Wii U and the potential innovations that the GamePad controller can offer?

DC: It’s a great console, but my team are focused on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the moment.

NL: You've stated that after Lords of Shadow 2 there won't be another Lords of Shadow game on home consoles, so where is the series headed from this point onwards? Will Mercury Steam still be at the helm, or is Konami open to letting other developers take on Castlevania? WayForward did a great job with Contra 4 on the DS...

DC: What happens to Castlevania after Lords of Shadow 2 is for others to decide. My team and the guys and gals at Mercury Steam want to look at other projects, and other worlds to explore.

NL: Thanks for your time!

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MAB said:

That could quite possibly be the quickest interview in history Dave Cox is a man of many words



WaveGhoul said:

So he says it's like CIII: darcula's curse, but it looks like a God of War Sidescroller on the go. I need to see some more gameplay footage to get an idea. I wonder how the music will stack up in comparison to the ClassicVania series...



KodaSmooss said:

That guy seems so happy to give details about his game... When questions are longer than answers, there is something wrong...



amri_rizqi said:

@guy_om i think its just like a mysteriously teaser from this team to us, he was excited but had to hold his horses to not spoil the fun too much



bezerker99 said:

The third picture down is actually a screenshot of the original Castlevania for NES (Not Dracula's Curse)



paburrows said:

Great interview, I kind of wish that you would have pressed him more about why they are not doing a Wii U version though though.




Hmmm... Wasn't going to get this anyway, but the devs ought to be more brave. Though I understand its tough economic times, maybe too scared to take percieved risks and not meet sales targets



gojiguy said:

You mean "handled by spanish deveopment house Mercury Steam- responsible for Clive Barker's Jericho, one of the single worst games I've played."

I have super low expectations for this game. LoS was and this looks like another LoS game.



paburrows said:

Theres so many great games coming out this fall for the Wii and 3DS, maybe this is good that it might be bad so that my wallet doesn't suffer.



Cia said:

They still have the same guy composing the score who did it in Lords of Shadow, so expect it to sound like a mishmash between Lord of the Rings and God of War, except less memorable. Basically generic fantasy movie backround music.



PinkSpider said:

I can't believe you guys did not ask him if there was any classic remixed castlevania music in the game. As that is a big selling point for me.
I will still buy the game no matter what but I am worried it's not going to be great and im gonna be really disappointed, there have been so many great castlevania games on Nintendos portables I hope this will continue the trend but im not convinced yet looks like the castlevania adventure could be the first good castlevania game on 3ds which is a shame



Radixxs said:

It really seems like he just wanted the interview to end as quickly as possible. I know nothing more about the game, and that's not because of the questions. Davey better step it up if he wants anyone to buy this.



idork99 said:

2.5D Castlevania a la Dracula's Curse!? SOLD! Hopefully the music is also akin to Dracula's Curse. Epic Soundtrack!

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