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Dot Runner Comes to the US eShop 26th July

Posted by Mike Mason

Eat up

Get ready to devour some dots when Dot Runner: Complete Edition is released on the North American eShop next week.

It's a follow-up, of sorts, to the rather excellent DSiWare title GO Series: Picdun; it's known as Dot Eater New Picdun in Japan. You've got to trample through 100 stages gobbling up all the orbs and destroying any enemies in your way against a time limit. The game's displayed from two angles simultaneously: the touch screen displays a top-down 2D overview of each dungeon, while a first person 3D view takes advantage of that autostereoscopic top screen.

Check out the trailer below. Dot Runner: Complete Edition arrives on the North American 3DS eShop on 26th July for $4.99.

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Aqueous said:

Wow, early update, nice. Not sure if I'll get it though, but nice to see an early one



C-Olimar said:

Planet Crashers is out on the same day in both the US and Europe. Look's like the people of one region are going to have a difficult choice to make. Unless they can afford both.



Barbiegurl777 said:

So it's like pac-man only 3d style?

& is it just me or does the one character in the screen shot look like stitch from lilo & stitch? Sweet.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Fabian said:

@C-Olimar Stop hoping the good Games never make it to Europe look at Sakura Samurai,Petit Computer,Cave Stoy Dsi Ware,MDK2 etc.



Firejonie said:

@Vintage Looks more like a dog to me. July 26th is going to be a good day in NA. With Dot Runner, Planet Crashers and Wario Land. Plus there's still mystery games we won't find out until next Thursday, including a VC game. The eShop has been hitting lot's of home runs lately.



RR529 said:

New art style doesn't look nearly as charming as PicDun's, but I'll probably still pick this up.



C-Olimar said:

@Fabian That's not completely true! Petit Computer isn't even out in NA yet! Sakura Samurai should make it here eventually (Nintendo game), Cave Story was skipped because of Cave Story 3D, but mostly because Cave Story+ is coming to eShop (my guess). We got the first PicDun, I think we'll get this!



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man this really reminds me of the 3D maze screensaver that was pre-installed on ye olde Windows 98 et al. computers if you had a good enough graphics card. Man I loved that screensaver, it was so fun! Can't wait to play the 3DS version of my childhood dreams
(though the game has to be released in Australia 1st )



chucknorrmis said:

it's like a warioware in the tron world! anyways i'm anticipating the LOOONG awaited wario land game. 5 days after that, its KH for me. gosh i wish i had more time to play wario land before KH.



RR529 said:

Finally watched the video. It seems like a 3D Pac-Man clone, but I thought the first one was an RPG.

So gameplay wise, is this one a different genre than the first?



Phocks5 said:

This is going to be great! I love PICDUN. This is the EXACT same game, just in 3d with new levels. Great!

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