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Reaction: James, Tom and Mike React to E3 2012

Posted by James Newton

What did we make of it?

Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference is over, and our editorial team James Newton, Tom Whitehead and Mike Mason sat down to dissect and discuss the biggest announcements and speak freely about what we made of it.

What's your take on the conference — did it exceed your expectations or leave you cold?

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pntjr said:

This is only the 2/3 of Nintendo's E3 conference, right? There is more stuff tomorrow, right?



pariah164 said:

I loved every moment of the presentation. It wasn't as strong in some points, but overall, I loved it.



SkywardLink98 said:

I didn't like it. I think we got more information, and better information, last year. They didn't show any, really, new titles. Everything was either old news or expected/rumored news.



JamieO said:

Hearing your reactions through this video podcast is brilliant, fellas. I won't discuss specifics of your discussion, because I don't want to spoil it for all of Nlife's viewers.

You guys must be famous now, you are on our telly, plus Jo knows what you look and sound like, before you have even met her. Cool!

Have an excellent time hanging out together and enjoying all of the E3 celebrations, lots of great points raised in each of your reactions, excellent work @James, @ThomasBW84 and @Mason.

I really enjoyed this!



Shining-Void said:

They kind of spent too much time on Wii Fit U and Nintendo Land. They didn't have that "OMG" factor. Hopefully they show more at the round table.



Expa0 said:

Can't watch the video because I'm using my Wii browser, but Nintendo's (and everybody else's) show was an complete utter failure, All games were either some ubercasual crap or games we already knew about. I'm kinda surprised Nintendo didn't have a Zelda trailer at the end, with that they would've at least got the support of the zelda nuts to their side (I don't care about zelda one bit, but I feel that would've been an obvious move). As things stand now, I can't see anyone protecting their show, it was just that bad.

Nintendo had the best cards out all the developers, but they still managed to royally screw it up. (Though still better than the Wii music one in.. 2008 was it?)



GreenDream said:

I'm curious, how does the NintendoLife team feel about recording "event vlogs" like this one?

Lots of good points made, from Mass Effect 3 to critiquing the E3 presentation.



James said:

@GreenDream Love doing them but it's not often we all get together sadly. Would love to do more when the opportunity is there!




The general feeling on twitter is that it started well and the hardware was interesting but the games' presentations overall could've been a lot better. Still, I'm happy as I have 13-15 Wii U games I'm really interested in. Some will require revws. .... Presentation wise I though it was fine but could've been better. Not too chuffed. Can't wait to see 3DS expo tommorrow!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Epic video guys. James really looks like a showmaster in his high chair there. Very cool to see Mike in motion. Can't wait to see more of you. :

About the conference: I really have to watch it again before i can pass a real judgement on it. Darksiders 2 came to mind too and i was a bit surprised we haven't seen much about Wii U Shop games.The Non Specific Action Figure video would have made the show more awesome but so far i don't really care about the Miiverse. (Hoped to get more information on upgraded MK7 communities, this would really be killer.)
And i have to beg to differ on the Luigi's Mansion minigame. Sure, it was a bit too much blabla around it but it was the thing that really stressed the asymetrical co-op gameplay the most imo. Really, really liked it.
Might write more after watching the show again.



bezerker99 said:

Who do I have to meet in order to not see a Just Dance game at future E3s? I swear, I'm watching dancers dancer on stage to this lame game and I honestly questioned what I was doing with my time.



rjejr said:

Sorry, couldn't get thru the accents - subtitles, transcripts? - but I was sorely disappointed as I've been scribbling all over the place.
Last years was so much better I thought. In fact it was almost the same - Batman, Darksiders 2, ninja star throwing. What was new? I was so blown away by Pikmin 3 starting with Myamoto in his t-shirt. And then nothing. And then some great 3DS games. And then NintnedoLand. Which at least as a pack-in would have exicted some people but they didn't even talk about a pack-in. OR transfering your Wii DL to your WiiU. Or some interaction with the 3DS like Swapnotes back and forth between the 2. They should have really really really saved Miyamoto and Pikmin for last and gotten rid of Nintendoland to start. Somebody go back and re-edit the video and see if it seems like abettr presentation that way. Can't be worse. And how do they leave out Wario and Projext P100? Just atrocious.



HaNks said:

very dissapointing show all in all. 1st party titles predictable and few or mini-games, besides pikmin. couple of interersting 3rd party titles but so far a real lack of support from the main studios.



FiveDigitLP said:

Agreed. If this is all they had to work with (which I find really had to believe), then why didn't they order it better? Seriously, when the presentation began I thought, "Whoa. They're starting out with Pikmin 3? I can't wait to see where things go from here!" And then I was let down...
But really, why did they focus on so many games that we already knew about? (And many of which have already come out!) What were the surprises? NintendoLand and...uh yeah, I think that's about it.



JimLad said:

Late ports of third party titles.
Mario, Mario and more Mario.

Pikmin was the only relatively interesting thing, and I'm not even a fan. That and Scribblenauts. Other than that no Smash Bros, no Metroid, Zelda, F-Zero, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Kirby...
No price, nothing about online infrastructure...
NSMBU is the only WiiU game I would actually buy, and that's not enough to sell me on the console as it looks way too much like every other version.
So yeah... let down. (Sony had the best conference this year I think)



citizenerased said:

Definitely not as bad as 2008. Nowhere near as good as 2010. A 7 or 8 out of 10. Pikmin and Lego Cities were amazing. But how have Nintendo not learned to put 90% of their attention on hardcore and 10% on casual?



SonyFACE said:

@James could you possibly put this in text format as well? The internet I'm using is refusing to let me go farther than 1 minute into any video right now.



Malkeor said:

JImlad you said it dawg....
It was actually pretty disappointing for me as well.



SaKo said:

No one talking about Scribblenauts Unlimited... Day 1 buy for me...



CowLaunch said:

That they haven't revealed the price yet I think is quite ominous. Going to be very expensive I think.

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