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Farsight Studios: 'We're Really Excited About The Wii U'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

GamePad screen comes in handy

In recent weeks we've brought you some coverage about Farsight Studios running a Kickstarter campaign to license The Twilight Zone, one of the highest-regarded pinball tables in the business. We also learned, thanks to that campaign, that the developer will be bringing The Pinball Arcade to Wii U and 3DS, which is a positive for fans of digitised play.

We've since had an interview with company President, Jay Obernolte, about the fundraising campaign and the developer's plans for Nintendo systems. In that interview Obernolte shared his views on Wii U and what the company's seen so far, and he's optimistic for the system.

Yes, we’re hard at work on bringing our Pinball Arcade product to the Wii U. We’re using the GamePad to show the table DMD display (so it doesn’t obscure the table like it does on other platforms) — it’s really cool!

...In particular we’re really excited about the Wii U. The original Wii was FarSight’s most successful platform ever, and we think Nintendo potentially has another hit on its hands.

Check back later today to read the full, in depth interview.

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BenAV said:

I hope they're right.
I wish the Wii U would hurry up and launch! D:



TruenoGT said:

Williams Pinball for Wii was awesome because the remote and nunchuck controls were really fun and you could space your arms out like a real pinball table. I think the gamepad will be even better because tilting will be more natural and I love the idea of the score display on the tablet. I hope they make this a downloadable title so it's accessible from the menu (all games focused on high scores should do this!).



blackknight77 said:

I have the Pinball arcade on the PS3. Its great I love the table selection. My favorite is the Black Hole.



Spoony_Tech said:

I want my 3ds version NOW! Oh and I'm counting BenAV how many first posts you get today lol! Two so far. o_O



Koos said:

So they sold more on Wii than the other platforms? But they "say" that wii games don't sell well... ha.



Lalivero said:

Nice to see how much more praise the system is getting.

I love pinball games though, so can't wait for the 3ds version to arrive.



rjejr said:

I'm not excited that a company making a pinball game is excited about the Wii U.
I'm waiting for somebody making something that requires more power than the PS3 or Xbox360 have to be excited about the Wii U. Nintendo only has a year head start on the next next next gen systems, they need a "wow" game. Can anybody point me to a "wow" game? I mean, I really want Pikmin 3, I really do, but there's' no "wow" there. The first trailers I saw for Dinosaur Planet, Super Mario Sunshine and especially Rogue Squadron had that "wow". Heck 4 people on stage playing Wii Sports tennis had it's own sort of "Wow". The only time I remember saying "wow" for the Wii U was last years "bird in the garden" tech demo. Where'd the bird go?



TruenoGT said:

@rjejr While I am excited about this game, I agree that Nintendo definitely needs a "wow" game for the WiiU. I think part of their problem is going to be that this whole "asymmetric gameplay" thing is hard to convey. It could be that some of the NintendoLand stuff is amazing, but it just looks like another mini-game collection on the surface... and New Super Mario Bros looks very similar to the last couple, same with Pikmin to a degree. You mentioned about "wow" Gamecube and Wii games, I also think about how N64 games like Super Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 were a huge "experience" leap at the time. Beyond Wii Sports, I think it took almost the whole generation for Nintendo to make a game that fully exploited the uniqueness of the Wii (Skyward Sword in my opinion) and I hope it isn't the same thing this time around (and huge props to many, many amazing Wii games, but many could have been executed with similar success using an alternate control scheme).



accc said:

@Rawk_Hawk I have it on the Vita, and I think it's great as well... but the Black Hole is my least favorite of the 4 tables by far. There's barely anything to do in it, and the upside down playing area, while neat at first, wears out its welcome once you realize that getting to it usually results in your ball being lost soon after.



CBattles6 said:

Will the 3DS version have DLC? I think I'd rather have it for that, but not being able to get new tables is a deal-breaker.



shimage said:

Maybe I am strange, but I'm still waiting for the 3DS version. The wait is starting to get a bit ridiculous. Wait. Is it even out for Windows yet? All I see is MacOS ...



Sean_Aaron said:

It's not on pc yet, but they're working on it.

This should also be a download release on 3DS and Wii-U as it is for every other platform. I expect I'll play it on Wii U almost as much as my iPad when it launches!

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