A few weeks ago we learned that Pinball Arcade is on the way to 3DS and Wii U, and also that developer FarSight Studios had launched a Kickstarter funding page to gain the license, at a cost of $55,000, to digitize the highly-regarded table for The Twilight Zone. The positive news is that the target has been hit, and the attached image shows the company's President, Jay Obernolte, signing the official agreement.

With the campaign going well, the developer is making a bid to double up on the fundraiser, aiming to hit a final total of $110,000 to digitize Star Trek: The Next Generation as well. While The Twilight Zone is the number one player-rated table in the Internet Pinball Database, Star Trek: The Next Generation comes in at a not-too-shabby third place. If the campaign hits $110,000 those who've backed it already, or do so from this point onwards, will receive the additional table as part of their reward.

There's clearly plenty of appetite to play these classic tables in a digital form, and hopefully the expected 3DS and Wii U releases aren't too far away.

Thanks to Suzanne M. Ferree for the tip.

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