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E3 2012: Scribblenauts Unlimited Drawn Into Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


The Scribblenauts series had two entries on DS, earning praise for its creativity and charm. It's been confirmed that the series is coming not only to 3DS, but also in glorious HD on Wii U with Scribblenauts Unlimited.

It'll include a multiplayer mode, with one player customising the characters and objects on the GamePad while the other plays with a horizontal Wii Remote. The fact it's coming to both systems will give a nice choice, while big fans can always opt for both.

How many words will this one feature?

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Dodger said:

Very happy. Scribblenauts was my first DS game and Super Scribblenauts is still one of my favorites. Both are great games to show off the DS to friends. I'll wait to see what version I get but I'm very happy.



Punny said:

Before today, I thought that Scribblenauts and Wii U would be a perfect match. Apparently, I thought right. My first creation will be a cheeseburger with wheels and a motor. I shall name it "Fast Food."



NintyMan said:

This was a pleasant surprise, and will certainly be on my Wii U wishlist.



hYdeks said:

I've always been interested in Scribblenauts, so this could be my first!



MeloMan said:

Though I doubt I play it, I have a deep appreciation for what the game is. Nice to know the game will go hand in hand w/ the Wii U's tech.



WaveBoy said:

My creation will be a Mummy with hotdog arms. lol
Really though, I don't know about this one..Scribblenauts has been natorious for it's horrible controls and platforming. But at it's core it's all about your imagination and what you can do it.



chewytapeworm said:

Scribblenauts UNLIMITED eh?

We'll see about that... Big fan of the series though, so will check this out quite happily!



mamp said:

I know it's a cool game but what they showed looked really meh.



DraculaX said:

Yes! This is the only reason I even bought a 3DS. The Wii U version was a hit of a surprise, but I'll stick with the 3DS version (this game just feels more like a handheld game imo). I wonder what the pre-order bonus will be this time?



MeWario said:

Meh loved Super Scribblenauts but I can't see how this will be terribly different. Unless they make the level structures more interesting I won't be getting this



ThreadShadow said:

This looks good. Will there be much interaction between this version and the 3DS version?
Is 5th Cell in charge of both versions or just the WiiU version?



Kitsune_Rei said:

This looks super cute. Its sad, I got Super Scribblenauts but only played it a couple times and never felt a real urge to go back to it ^_^;

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