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Zack & Wiki Producer Interested in Sequel

Posted by James Newton

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Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure was an early attempt at an original franchise for Wii, and looked to have everything going for it: originality, charm and quality in spades. Shame, then, that it bombed at retail, an early warning sign of the troubles ahead for third-party publishers. The game's producer Hironobu Takeshita is still fond of the game though, and would love to work on it again, he told Nintendo Power.

Takeshita said:

I have a great deal of interest in doing a sequel. It’s one of several IPs that I want to return to. As for Nintendo 3DS… it would be fun if people could play and solve puzzles together.

Considering some of the innovative ways Capcom used the Wii Remote, we think it could do incredible things with the Wii U's Wii Remote Plus and touch screen controller set-up.

However before we all get carried away, this isn't the first time Takeshita has expressed an interest in revitalising the series: back in 2010 he said:

I personally like this title so I would like to create a new one though I don’t think it’s good timing to do so.

Is the timing any better now? We sure hope so.


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CanisWolfred said:

Take out the prehistoric life and scoring systems, and maybe I'll be interested. I suppose it's good news for those who don't mind being punished for exploration in a game based entirely on exploration, though.



Fuzzy said:

This is a game that I always meant to pick up, but never got around to it.



GARF13LD said:

One of the few Wii games I finished and I absolutely loved it, would love to see a 3DS sequel but I wouldn't hold my breath after how the first one bombed in sales.



Wheels2050 said:

@Mickeymac: What exactly do you mean? I rarely found that I was punished for exploration - it was usually pretty obvious what would get you killed and what wouldn't.

The couple of improvements I would like to see are to do with the scoring and the secrets.

I felt that, especially in the more difficult levels, it was very difficult or impossible to get a perfect score on the first run. There was some trial and error involved with some of the puzzles, and you would have to just give it a go to see what happened. That resulted in a lower score, and you would have to replay the level to get things correct the first time around. Not a huge deal, but getting the best score generally involved little skill and just required a second play through of the level.

My other gripe was due to the controls.

**** NOTE - SPOILERS!!! ****

Occasionally with the secret treasures, some actions were required that were made difficult due to inadequate sensing of motion controls. One of the later levels almost had me throwing the remote at the wall - the treasure was right at the end of a 10 or 15 minute level, and I ended up having to replay it many, many times due to the dodgy motion controls of one puzzle meaning that I was rendered unable to get the treasure.


Having said that, I enjoyed the game immensely and was motivated to finish it 100%. A sequel would be good to get the IP more exposure, but I'm unlikely to play it as I won't be getting any next-gen systems.



shingi_70 said:

Didn't this game bomba. If megaman who's games does well is pretty much dead than this bomba is not getting one.

Do it capcpom.



Shworange said:

I got it on eBay two years ago for five bucks. One of the best five gaming bucks I ever spent. My wife and kids helped solve the puzzles with me. I loved it. It wasn't perfect, but I'd highly reccomend it to anyone. I hope a sequal pops up. I'd gladly pay full price for it!



DarkCoolEdge said:

I would love to see it happen, the original is brilliant, but I doubt it.

Nevertheless, I think WiiU would be a better fit. It'd be an instant buy.



SaSoBe said:

If they fix some of the control issues and get a better extra life system, I'm game! Loved the style, the characters and the puzzles.



rjejr said:

I bought this really cheap used at Gamestop, played the first few levels, and traded it back in for next to nothing.

I think this game bombed in part b/c it was released on a new Nintendo home console system but it looked and played like a flash game on system which is famous for fast paced 2D side scrolling Mario games. This should have been $10 Wiiware and it may have been a hit. I think a sequel on a handheld console game - DS, 3DS, Vita, iPad, whatever - holds some promise b/c it is a puzzle game and not a platformer. Maybe a $20 casual PC game. But not on a home console.

On a side note - I liked Elebits way more than this and even repurchased it recently to keep in my collection. Elebits had decent graphics and made good use of the Wiimote pointer but completely disappeared. I always thought it would be 1 of the first "Players Choice" games as it was a family friendly FPS and even has multplayer. That's a game I'ld like to see an HD sequel for on WiiU.



ejamer said:

If this was a $10 WiiWare game then it wouldn't have been the same experience or have shown the same level of quality across the board.

I hate the way that race-to-the-bottom pricing techniques (not limited to iOS, as anyone who regularly waits for retail price drops can attest) have destroyed people's understanding that new, high-quality products have costs associated with them.




Think one or two people have failed to understand this genre of puzzle video gaming. It is in fact a classic game. One of the very best of its type I've played. Also, wasn't it pretty much critically acclaimed (metacritic 87 percent)!?



SKTTR said:

too much try&error, repeating stages over and over again, no checkpoints, and confusing life system made this great game somewhat annoying at times.
And this doesn't look like a flash game. Do you have eyes in your head?



mamp said:

My friend played it, it didn't look interesting to me but I know it's a good game, it just didn't look like my cup of tea.



WaveGhoul said:

One of the Wii's greatest! Easily in my TOP 10 Wii games period. I'd absolutely love to see a sequal weather it's on the Wii U(especially!) or the 3DS. This time bump it up to 60fps! Which as honestly my only gripe with the game. Everything else was practically flawless. One of my favorite stages had to of been where you're supposed to mix the right potions together.


So why aren't you getting the Wii U? Calling it modern-gaming quits? I've basically done that to everything outside of Nintendo.
Sony & MS aren't getting my $ ever again. Like I've said, there's just too much too keep up with in this insane videogame jungle we live in.



JimLad said:

I love Z&W, they should make a squel for WiiU's download service. Good title to launch the service, and the WiiU controller would be a perfect fit for some new ideas.



Reala said:

I have this on wii and never really got the fuss over it, controls wheren't all that great even felt broken in a few places, if they could get consistently good controls through out for the sequel then I'd maybe give it a try but it kinda ruined the first one for me.



WaveGhoul said:

I thought the controls were fantastic, keep in mind i played this on a lag free CRT SDTV, so I'm getting the best possible controls period in comparison to these lag filled HDTV's nowadays. I'll admit the controls didn't feel quite as nice on my LCD....Hell, you really do need every single litttle milasecond when it comes to wii motion controls

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