VVVVVV Set to Flip Into Europe on 10th May

About flippin' time

While gamers in North America have been fortunate enough to enjoy VVVVVV on their 3DS since late last year, those of us in Europe have been patiently — or impatiently — waiting for our own release. After announcing that it expects a European release in early May, publisher Nicalis has now nailed a date down on its Twitter page. After an update confirming that the title had passed the NoE submission process, a follow-up tweet confirm the news In just 12 glorious characters.

MMMMMMay 10th

So there you have it, Europe, not long until another must-have title hits the eShop. This will be the version with a functional 'Flip Mode', resolved in a recent update, and if you want to know more don't forget to check out our very own VVVVVV review.

[via twitter.com]