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Take On Kid Icarus Multiplayer Masters at HMV Stores

Posted by James Newton

Consoles up for grabs

Can't get enough of that wonderful Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer? Get thee to a select HMV store and take on Nintendo's team of crack players, and you could win a set of AR cards.

The participating stores are:

hmv Oxford Circus – Saturday 28th April
hmv Reading Oracle – Saturday 5th May
hmv Birmingham Bullring – Saturday 12th May
hmv Brighton Churchill – Saturday 19th May

Nintendo is also giving away 10 x 3DS consoles and 10 x copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising on the day, so grab your 3DS and get down there.

You could also win a £50 HMV voucher by tweeting a photo of you with Nintendo's Battle Squad to KidIcarusUK with the hashtag #KidIcarusBattleSquad.

If you're going to take them on, let us know and we'll tell Nintendo to expect you.

Nintendo Teams up with HMV to Offer Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Action

Compete against the highly trained Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad in-store for a chance to take away exclusive prizes

24 April 2012 - Nintendo has today announced a series of Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer events taking place in HMV stores around the UK, giving fans the chance to battle it out against the expert Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad. The first event takes place from 12.00-16.00 this Saturday 28th April at HMV in Oxford Circus.

Fans need to take along their Nintendo 3DS console, competitive spirit and choose their favourite weapon, ready to join the battle. The Squad is made up of different skill levels to allow for fair competition and includes a pro gamer to challenge even the most experienced Kid Icarus: Uprising players.

Everyone who takes part will earn a limited edition Kid Icarus: Uprising poster. If a player defeats the Squad and wins a battle, they will be able to take home a set of AR Cards to boost their collection. The Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards are highly sought after – so make sure you get practising!

Nintendo is also launching a free prize draw via Twitter: all fans need to do is have their photo taken with the Squad in HMV and tweet it on the same day to @KidIcarusUK using the hashtag #KidIcarusBattleSquad to be in with a chance of winning* one of six £50 HMV vouchers. All Nintendo 3DS owners are encouraged to head down to the events and take their console to StreetPassTM with other fans.

All photos from the events will be uploaded onto the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page and for all the latest news about Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Battle Squad follow @KidIcarusUK.

The Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad dates and locations:

hmv Oxford Circus – Saturday 28th April
hmv Reading Oracle – Saturday 5th May
hmv Birmingham Bullring – Saturday 12th May
hmv Brighton Churchill – Saturday 19th May

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C-Olimar said:

Nintendo REALLY needs to promote the StreetpassTM feature of the 3DS. It is such a cool feature but not a single person I've ever spoken to about the 3DS has been aware of its existence.

More on topic, I wish events would come to Manchester once in a while. It is one of the most major cities in England.



dizzy_boy said:

I`m heading to the london one on saturday. i doubt that i`ll enter, but it`s worth going for the street pass hits alone.



gazamataz said:

i'm just wondering ....if i'm the only one that has wreaked their slider pad by playing this wonderfull game



James said:

@dizzy_boy That's awesome — tell them Nintendo Life sent you!

If anyone else is going to this, please say you're from Nintendo Life — it'd be a big help!



EarthboundBenjy said:

I went today. Wow, it was like... wait in line for half an hour, play one game against this one guy, lose, and from then on. I can't play any more because I already tried once.

They did give me a sweet poster though.

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