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Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Battles Hit the Stage

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No more fighting on table tops

For those who've been able to get hold of some AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising, there may have been some fun had in pitching iconic characters against each other with a number of backdrops. Ultimately, though, a dull piece of furniture isn't necessarily the most epic environment for a battle of the ages.

Readers of Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan are in luck, however, as free 'stage' cards are being given away in the most recent issue. By placing the stage card above the two standard cards, the AR feature will create an impressive battleground for the characters. It's a bit classier than your desk, right?

Like the AR characters themselves, the data for these stages is already on the game cart, so there's hope that these cards will make their way out of Japan in time. Would you want to get hold of these for your own AR battles?


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Whopper744 said:

Pretty cool! I wish the US got more Kid Icarus love. I would rather just get more cards though then worry too much about stages.



SonyFACE said:

Eh. This is pretty cool, but I'm not going to buy a magazine just for it.



Luigi_is_better said:

That is pretty cool. I was wondering if there weren't more cards in the works. I wonder just how many are on the game. I do like the idea of making a battle/card game out of this, I just don't have anybody to try it with. And Ninty would be absolutely crazy not to do this with Pokemon. An AR version would sell like mad!



rjejr said:

This is cool and all, but I really think the game should have just done this automatically from the start w/o background cards. We own 15 cards and the kids have already battled them all and there doesn't seem to be any reason to go back, but they are still playing the regular game at least.



warioswoods said:

I'd prefer a more coherent playable game to be made out of these cards. At the moment, I'm not sure what to do with them to make it fun for 2 people.



SkywardLink98 said:

... NINTENDO WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?!?! TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Are their any pictures of them online? I'd print them out, but still buy them.



DaveGX said:

All I really want is to see more AR cards coming out soon in the US! I honestly didn't think it was that early enough that retailers were listed to be selling them only to check their sites and come up empty handed. After all, the title is Kid Icarus;"Uprising". Come on, Nintendo, please make it happen!



Henmii said:

Sounds cool! So there are different stage cards, and they are officially Nintendo since the codes are already in the game? I wonder when and how they hit Europe. Hopefully I can get them for free too in some way!

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