Like many of us, Campbell Whyte remembers the time when 8-bit graphics were magical, when pixels and tiny sprites evoked wonder and excitement. Unlike us, though, Whyte's also a skilled illustrator, and used his fond NES memories as the basis of the 8 Bit Dreams project.

Whyte created an illustration a day for over a year, aiming to pinpoint what made those early games so special. In Whyte's words:

I was trying to capture something about those early games. The frantic energy, the vague and suggestive graphics, the hyper kinetic sounds. It formed a sort of unified mythology, a religious codex of parables and fables.

The video below is the first part of Whyte's project, featuring drawings of 375 NES games, nearly halfway towards Whyte's ultimate 789 target. How many can you name?

Thanks to Twitter follower YomeNetSan for the tip.