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Boulder Dash-XL 3D Wants to Rock 3DS in July

Posted by James Newton

Budget retail release revealed

Reef Entertainment has revealed it's bringing Boulder Dash-XL 3D to 3DS this summer.

A 3DS retail release of last year's PSN and Xbox Live Arcade game, it features 150 brand new maps and the ability to share high scores and unlocked items via StreetPass.

it's set to hit Europe on 20th July for a budget price of £19.99/€29.99. A North American release is planned too, but there's no exact release date yet.


Diamond encrusted classic set to shine this July

London, April 4th: UK Video game distributor Reef Entertainment, GMG Play and First Star Software, Inc. today announced the pending European release of BOULDER DASH®-XL 3D™ for the Nintendo 3DS™.

BOULDER DASH®-XL 3D™ was developed for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC by Catnip Games, GmbH & Co. KG and ported to the Nintendo 3DS™ by Ludosity AB. BOULDER DASH®-XL 3D™ will be released by GMG Play in the North American market.
In this sequel to the 1984 classic action-puzzler, players set forth as Rockford™ or Crystal™ and mine their way through a variety of hazardous, yet stunning, three dimensional caves whilst avoiding crushing boulders and an eerie menagerie of killer creatures.


  • Dazzling 3D Graphics glisten on Nintendo 3DS
  • 4 Varied Gaming Worlds (Ice, Ancient, Reactor, Space)
  • 5 Game Modes (Arcade, Puzzle, Zen, Score Attack and Retro)
  • Over 150 All New and Exciting Caves to Conquer
  • New Scoring mechanics provide an exciting challenge for high score hunters.
  • Share unlocks and high score with your friends via StreetPass

BOULDER DASH®-XL 3D™ will be available for £19.99 / €29.99 across Europe July 20th 2012

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Myx said:

not for me. i guess there will be heroes of ruin and then nothing for a very long time on the 3ds.. there is a kingdom hearts title announced which i also preordered but besides these two titles there is zero that even remotely interests me. if nano assault was released in europe this one i would have gotten, too. but no.. us only.. sheesh. i have already given up on the eshop completely because there is only abandonware and obscure stuff no one really needs. if this is a sign for the upcoming wii u then i have very mixed feelings about the console :/



C-Olimar said:

In an interview they were talking about how 3DS games should be cheaper and reflect good value, which made me think 'why aren't you releasing this on eShop then?



SKTTR said:

cool. retro styled original c64 graphics in one of the screenshots.



misswliu81 said:

this needs to be priced below the standard RRP. otherwise, it would've been better off as a downloadable game on the eshop.



Tomatoboxer said:

I want you to look at that cover for 10 seconds, then look me in the eyes and say that this won't be shovelware.
That's right, you can't. (Partially because we're on the internet and you physically cannot look me in the eyes, but whatever.)



Supereor said:

Agreed. But I guess if it's a downloadable game on Xbox 360 and PSN, it's going to be a full retail game for a less-powerful handheld. After all, it's most likely going to have new features, graphics and gameplay styles the console versions doesn't even begin to have.



Samholy said:

heroes fo ruin all the way !!!!!

but square also had another rpg we saw in the nintendo press conference. The Labyrinth thing looked quite promising too.

but with kid icarus and heroes of ruins, oure up for a load of gaming time on your 3ds .

oh ya...boulder dash ? a retail ? oh boy, i dont know what to say.

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