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Game & Watch Gallery 2 Coming to Japan

Posted by James Newton

Having a ball

What comes after Game & Watch Gallery? If you said Game & Watch Gallery 2, you get a cookie.

The Japanese Virtual Console service gets the second compilation next week, retailing for 400 Yen.

The original game was released on Game Boy and later revamped for Game Boy Color in the West, but as Japan only got the black and white version it's the monochromatic original heading to the service.

  • Parachute
  • Chef
  • Donkey Kong
  • Helmet
  • Vermin
  • Ball — unlockable bonus game

Nintendo's been keen on digital releases of Game & Watch games around the world so we'll probably see this title soon.


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Wiiner1 said:

I love me some game and watch with mario characters. Definitely getting this.



Magikarp3 said:

do you think we'll get the colour one? I remember with balloon kid or something like that, it was black and white in the west and colour in Japan, so each region got their own version.



Undead_terror said:

all they had to do was release game and watch gallery 3 & 4 then BAM! you pretty much have every game and watch title but some are missing yes but its pop eye and snoopie and those other ones



Whopper744 said:

Probably won't be seeing this game anytime soon either I guess, in the US anyway.
Still wondering what happened to ol Wario Land, and Kid Icarus Myths and Monsters.



GamerZack87 said:

"What comes after Game & Watch Gallery? If you said Game & Watch Gallery 2, you get a cookie."
But I guessed Game Boy Gallery 3! Aw man...I want a cookie...



StarBoy91 said:

Game & Watch Gallery 2 is another fun Game & Watch compilation; I remember having gotten it with the Game Boy Color (as well as Tennis) that one Christmas day long ago; good times
My favorite out of the four Game & Watch Gallery series is the third one, but the second one ain't bad



Freelance said:

I just want G&W 4 since it has the most games on it. If I buy these and then G&W 4 comes out, then I would've brought these for nothing.

Besides which, I already have 2 of these games as DSiware so this won't be worth it much. Only problem is, it has Parachute and G&W 4 doesn't have this game. Darn! Don't think it has Helmet either.

P.S. Oh wait, Parachute IS in G&W 4. I guess I never managed to unlock it.



komicturtle said:

Definitely going to look out for this. I own the first and the 3rd. I only rented the 2nd one at BlockBuster a long time ago and did not want to return it lol



tvshowking said:

I remember this being my first handheld game alongside Bomberman Pocket (I can only dream of a VC release). I loved it then, and I love it now! Would get this in an instant!




All in all, we'll probably get the GAME BOY COLOR version of Game & Watch Gallery 2 in North America. But the one thing that bugs me is that why was it revamped for GBC to begin with instead of us getting the same version as Japan did on the original GAME BOY? Still, despite all that, I can't wait until this game comes over here.



Gridatttack said:

Im guessing that Japan will get the GB version? G&WG2 was a launch title for the game boy color here, so if im guessing right, we will get the color version.

Insta download when this get released in the US (hopefully soon). I cant get enough of G&WG1! Hopefully, G&WG3 will come out too. IMO its the best one of the first 3.





You know. It's funny you say that man. I never noticed that there before. And I check GameFAQs a lot. Besides, if it did come out on GAME BOY like one of the images I just saw showed me. Then it must have been one of those Black GAME BOY COLOR cartridges that the GBC had out there besides the GBC only games. The Black Cartridges were ones that allowed gameplay on both the GAME BOY COLOR and GAME BOY POCKET also if you had one of those next to the GBC. Anyway, nice find man. Thanks for the heads up on that.



Capt_N said:

@3DSLUIGI Correct you are. G&WG2(U.S ver. @ least) was a dual style cart: playable on Gameboy, & GBC. This also, had a 3rd mode: this cart had Super GB enhancements.

Actually, in my last Club Nintendo survey, I suggested Nintendo allow (3DS VC) games that had more than 1 mode of play, to be playable in any of the formats supported by the game. In this case, for ex., I might wanna play this in SGB mode, or in GB mode.

I don't think it's too much to ask Nintendo to allow for this, on multi-play mode carts.





You know, I never knew a game like Game & Watch Gallery 2 that was able to be part SUPER GAME BOY related. If I remember correctly, because it was part GAME BOY and GAME BOY COLOR. Wouldn't that cancel out an option for this game to be played via the SUPER GAME BOY because of the GBC part of the game? Also, great suggestion to Club Nintendo on possibly adding a SUPER GAME BOY option to the GB games. That would be nice to see seeing as how much power the SUPER GAME BOY was given to give classic GB games new life in a bit of color with added features.



Capt_N said:

@3DSLUIGI Well, I just think it would be awesome if Nintendo allowed for us to choose, upon starting up the game from the 3DS home menu, which mode we wanna play a game in. I mean, the SGB enhancements were special sounds/colors/dynamic changing color palettes/borders/dynamic changing borders/being able to draw your own border/being able to draw right on the game screen,(Edit: Also, in some games you could play 2 player game modes, or even a full 16-bit game) oh, & the borders(some) were animated.

Sidenote: I personally wish the GB Player had carried over these functions, instead of giving just options for pre-programmed color palettes at game boot-up, Not to mention, to my knowledge, the GB Player doesn't really give any SGB legacy support for any SGB enhanced cart.

This will probably be one of the few games that I break my own rules on, that even though I already owned it once, I will still probably d/l. I loved this G&WG much.





Same here on the part about downloading it. For me, it will be a DEFINITE DL seeing as how when Game & Watch Gallery hit the eShop in the US, I could not for what ever reason at all find myself putting the game down. There's something about playing the old Game & Watch games on a portable like GAME BOY to me that just gives you too much of a nostalgic feeling like you've been transported back in time to when these little gems were created and then experiencing them for the first time. Weird in a way just a little to me, but cool at the same time also.

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