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Dillon's Rolling Western Out Now in Europe

Posted by James Newton

On your marks

So that's why Dillon's Rolling Western didn't appear in the Nintendo Download for Europe this week — it's out today.

The action tower defence game is out in the European 3DS eShop now. It costs £9.00/€10.

Here's hoping North America gets the game after its own Nintendo Direct show, due to start in just over an hour.

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BenAV said:

That explains why it wasn't listed in the downloads.
Will download it as soon as I can.



BenAV said:

@bboy2970 I'm not going to have working WiFi from tomorrow onwards for a while, so they must have just done it for me.



Punky said:

seen mixed hands on previews for this...will wait for a review. Looks cool tho...I want it to be good



Raptor78 said:

Im in two minds about this... I have about 12 quid left on my eShop account so im waiting for some of the other gamers opinions on this. Will probably spam everyone on Swapnote later to see if anybody has it and if so any reccomendations.
I really want the rythym samurai sword thingy game and knowing my luck as soon as I buy this it will come out and I wont have enough credit.



Late said:

Am not too interested in this game. It costs much.
I like tower defence games. It's made by Nintendo.
Waiting for the review.



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow that's quite expensive. For Nintendo to charge that much it must have a good deal more content the Sakura Samurai. Here's hoping it comes out here today as well.



McRokert said:

I downloaded it at the moment it became availeble , Guys i know its a little bit pricey but its worth it , I cant put the game down , its freakin awesome ;D



lord_hades said:

its not just this game has been added, the stuff that was ment to come tomorow like nintendogs+cats demo is here too



Henmii said:

So it is out after all! But what a awfull price! That was one of the reasons why Wiiware totally failed! Hopefully next e-shop titles from Nintendo will be cheaper!

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