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Kingdom Hearts 3DS Bundle Confirmed for Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's so pretty

It seem like the Japanese market is enjoying quite a few special edition 3DS consoles, with the Metal Gear Solid themed console due soon. Not to be outdone, Andriasang reports that Square Enix is also preparing its own hardware bundle for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Once again it's the black 3DS that receives a game-specific makeover, though it's perhaps slightly surprising that the red model wasn't used. Other details were announced alongside the new console, with confirmation that this title will hit Japanese stores on 29th March and that the first print-run also including a bonus AR card, used to unlock a rare Dream Eater. A special 10th Anniversary edition of the game will also be released, though no details on its contents have been released so far.

So these are yet more limited edition 3DS goodies for Japan: would you like to see this hardware bundle in your region?


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WingedSnagret said:

I've never played Kingdom Hearts, yet this interests me. I might pick it up if I still have money left from getting Kid Icarus: Uprising.



DarkKirby said:

Read the ending the developers made for this game was "not approved" and they had to remove it. Wonder what it was that "wasn't approved".



k8sMum said:

i like it, but don't care for that fugly disney copywrite on the front.



paul6891 said:

Looks sweet! Let's hope its not long before it comes this way! Hopefully we get that ar card 2



GameLord08 said:

Blimey, that's bloody worse than any other limited edition 3DS I've seen so far.

Why's everybody so preferential to spiffing up the black 3DS? That Monster Hunter Tri G 3DS needs to make its way over.



ShapedAdventure said:

I Really Want That 3DS I Must Have That So Bad Come To America Please Or I Will Just Get The Ocarina Of Time Bundle And Get KH DD On Day One I Love KH



AntiKirby said:

WOW so 10 years... back then I was dying to play KH 1 & 2 but I had no PS2... it wasn't till last year when I finally got em with a brand new PS2 and... here I am, a year after and I've yet to open them...



SkywardLink98 said:

Huh, I've never played a kingdom hearts game. Maybe I'll get this if I have money after Luigi's Mansion 2, Monster Hunter 4, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Heroes of Ruin.



Collinhall said:


After seeing all these new snazzy designs, metal gear edition, monster hunter 3G edition, the forthcoming green one, red, pink, and zelda edition, I really hate the aqua blue I am stuck with.

Launch colors ALWAYS suck. No exceptions.

But the @disney copyright thing on the front of this edition REALLY REALLY sucks. I mean really? That kills the appeal by like 50%



Urbanhispanic said:

It's nice to hear about special limited edition bundles but it would be better if the rest of the world gets them too.



Jarod said:

actually doesnt look very good and ive never been a fan of the black 3ds really hope it doesnt come here, its not like i could not buy it if it did lol



grimbldoo said:

And then people start selling these on ebay, we buy them on amazon, we go to japan itself...end result? It is no longer Japan exclusive anyway. I think they do black because it's easiest maybe? or it clashes less? or aliens?



alLabouTandroiD said:

Pinkdom Hearts, huh ? Just because of this sorry excuse for a colour it doesn't appeal to me. Rest of it is nice though. Maybe i'll get a special edition if / when there's also a redesigned 3DS.

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