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Do You Want to Be a Record Breaker?

Posted by James Newton

Dedication's what you need

Gamers who get down to London next week can try their hand at joining the Guinness Book of World Records at a special event in association with Nintendisco.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator will be on hand to officiate record attempts, which kick off with a speed run on Super Mario World's World 1-1.

It also looks like being a great opportunity for StreetPasses, if that sways you. Full details below, and entry is free.

26th JANUARY 2012

Dancing, drinking, gaming and world records, under one roof? It can only be Nintendisco!

After a summer of playing the UK music festivals and an autumn of University Fresher’s Fairs January 26th 2012 will see a very special Nintendisco event as they are officially joined by Guinness World Records™!

The team behind Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition* will have their own area in the venue where they will invite guests to attempt to break some fun and challenging gaming world records! The records will be aimed at both seasoned gaming pro’s and newcomers alike and will be officially adjudicated. Could you be a record breaker? The first record will be attempting to complete level 1-1 of Super Mario World on the SNES in the fastest time.

The event, as usual, will also feature big screen retro gaming tournaments with prizes and giveaways and all this whilst our DJ spins Electro/Chiptune/Gaming Themes/HipHop and all music indebted to gaming.

The event, as always, is free and guests are encouraged to bring along their Nintendo 3DS’ for some streetpass swaps, SF IV battles and of course Mario Kart 7!

“We aim to keep gaming cool and accessible to everyone in a relaxed and exciting environment” - Nicky & Dave 2011

“Having Guinness World Records on board is a real coup for us, its going to be great seeing people attempt to beat some records, its a shame we can’t try ourselves” - Nicky & Dave 2011

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SkywardLink98 said:

I wonder what the world record will be. Odds are someone will hear this and quit his/her job/stop going to school to practice and get a high score of like 5 seconds.



daznsaz said:

some people might have to get up to london,like cornish pastie eaters:)



Capt_N said:

No events in NA! Ah, well, wonder what the scoring record will be? Someone will send in a copy of a video tape, & say they can't make it in person, (King of Kong reference)



joevox316 said:

@3Dangerous3Dash Indeed, the whole UK would fit into America about 40 times so...even if it did come here there's no telling if we'd be able to get there easily I think the farthest I've even been from home is when I went to Texas last summer (takes about as much time to get from one end of England to the other as it did for me to get there).



lovelessrapture said:

Think I will head down to this one, 93 Feet East is a pretty cool place (although only been there for the Monday rock clubnights before). FYI anybody who's coming into the city for just this you have to walk a fair ways from the train stations to get to it. Easiest route is probably from Aldgate or Liverpool Street.



StarDust4Ever said:

Yeah, and they'll likely be playing for WR on Gimped 50Hz PAL consoles with ugly black bars and distorted aspect ratio, too. Due to the timing difference, any skilled speed-runner could likely beat the PAL record on an NTSC or JAP machine...



Marakuto said:

I live in London, trouble is i'm in my last year in High School so I have to study.



DarkEdi said:

Do you mean USA? Because I don´t think they do an "America tour". I have never seen this events in Peru or Cuba. Your country name is USA not "America".



joevox316 said:

@DarkEdi Fair point. But even many other countries simply call us Americans. But yes, we're technically the United States of America, which is a part of the collective "Americas."



NESguy94 said:

@20 Yeah, most people look at you like you are an idiot if you say you are from America while visiting another country. I grew up in the states and I am living in Hungary for a year. I just say I am from the US or "the states".



SamiCetinSMK said:

It will most likely be done on the PAL version but we do have the NTSC consoles also which work on the screens there. I am not sure if anyone has an NTSC copy of Super Mario World. We usually do monthly meets at Nintendisco with Super Mario Kart and Super Street Fighter 2 being popular amongst visitors. I will be there doing some demonstrations on Super Mario Kart also at some point in the evening.

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