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Thu 17th Sep 2009

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lovelessrapture commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Share Prices Return to...:

Interesting two articles but just a few factors to add to this data.

The markets as a whole tend to be fairly volatile so the trends down and back up could be as much to do with the markets dropping and then recovering from the China mini crash a few weeks ago.

Also times of year certain industries do better. Christmas on its way so any company that makes product that sells as gifts tend to see increases in share prices towards 4th quarter.

One other thing to note is investment is to do with a company's profile as a whole. Nintendo are stable as a firm but its fair to say they're not growing any bigger in the next few years.

Which leads to the last point, if you look at Nintendo's share price of the last 5 years, while its gone up and down with trends, they're historically highest price in 2011 was around 22,000 yen. That's basically where they are right now. So in 5 years the company has held steady stock wise.



lovelessrapture commented on Rest Easy, You Can Replace The Wii U GamePad B...:

Actually in fairness to Apple, Macbooks come with a free life time battery replacement, when it stop being able to hold a charge.

Also the amount of time the gamepad survives I don't think is going to much of an issue to begin with for the launch window. Most of those games seem to run mainly using the wiimotes with the gamepad as a token piece for extras.

And as people have pointed out, it's not like you're taking the gamepad outside or anything. So they'll be a plug socket nearby.



lovelessrapture commented on Do You Want to Be a Record Breaker?:

Think I will head down to this one, 93 Feet East is a pretty cool place (although only been there for the Monday rock clubnights before). FYI anybody who's coming into the city for just this you have to walk a fair ways from the train stations to get to it. Easiest route is probably from Aldgate or Liverpool Street.



lovelessrapture commented on Broadmoor Inmates Receive Wiis:

lol this could go on forever. But okies, I'll withdraw my criticism of the site if you insist As long as you keep doing nice reviews of obscure stuff I wouldnt've heard of otherwise it's all good



lovelessrapture commented on Broadmoor Inmates Receive Wiis:

I hardly see how that makes it new news. The information has not changed in any way. It's not like a case that's developing where more information is gathered (e.g previews on forthcoming games). The same thing would've been known then is known now. If that makes sense.

Plus it's rather worrying that stuff only becomes news seemingly when the sun publishes it.



lovelessrapture commented on Broadmoor Inmates Receive Wiis:

First off it might be an idea to not use the Sun as some of your sources as it's about as believable as playground rumours among 13 year olds.

Secondly, this idea some people above mentioned of prison being solely for keeping convicted persons there to be outside of society is wholely unworkable. As Sean Aarons pointed out, reform and rehabilitation. Everything has cause & effect. A person isn't born a criminal; they need to be re-educated on rights and wrongs so that they can re-enter society having learned of what they done was damaging to others. If you don't work from that point there's really no point in having a prison in the first place.

Also the people above mentioning how killers should never be released, I'd love to know their opinion of the James Bulger case.