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Vigil Games Talks Darksiders II for Wii U

Posted by James Newton

Dark days ahead

One of the many third-party games revealed for Wii U at E3 2011 was Darksiders II, and now developers Vigil Games have given Game Informer an insight into the game's development and how the team will use that new controller.

General manager David Adams and technical director Colin Bonstead revealed in a video interview that the team actually had Darksiders II running on Wii U hardware in time for the console's reveal at E3, but Nintendo chose not to use it, preferring instead to show footage of the game running on other consoles.

Adams and Bonstead don't seem to mind, though: both are full of praise for how easy the console is to get to grips with and Nintendo's technical support too, even though there were instances the Vigil team was discovering technical foibles even Nintendo hadn't encountered.

The full eight minute discussion is well worth a watch, so we've embedded it below:

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shingi_70 said:

This interview was posted on their site in july and can be viewed on Virgils website. why did it take so long for them to get it too youtube?

The AR stuff sounds cool.



Popyman said:

I love that this series is finally hitting a Nintendo system, it belongs on one.



Bankai said:

This is nice and all, but I will have finished this game before it's released on Wii U. I doubt it'll be so awesome that I'll want to buy the Wii U version as well.



Hokori said:

bleh.... I cant believe I miss read this at E3... I thought it said Darkstalkers II



darklinkinfinite said:

I don't really mind about the Wii U getting this year's games ported next year so long as developers take advantage of it. If Arkham City on the Wii U is a Game of the Year version with all the DLC plus some Wii U features, I'll gladly buy it (I have it pre-ordered on Amazon for $50 since I'm all but certain Wii U games will cost more once the price is finally revealed). Same for many of the other ports. Make them Game of the Year Editions with the DLC included and I'd still be willing to pick them up.



Chrono_Cross said:

I can see the Wii U being a great platform for third party/indie developers. There's a bright future for this system.



shoopdawoop70 said:

The Wii U will be great if it has 3rd party games (good ones) and Nintendo allows Indie Devs to work with the hardware. Minecraft on Wii U!!



FernaMedel said:

all hail the game programmers! these guys are awesome, hopefully i will be working with them in around 7 years or so (:



Linkuini said:

Few things get me more interested in a new platform than listening to developers talk excitedly about what they'd like to do with it. Not sure why exactly.



misswliu81 said:

darksiders 2 arrival on the wii U is a good start insofar as 3rd party support for the console. hopefully, more companies will come on board and produce games for it.



BenAV said:

I don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360 so if a lot of decent third party games are ported over to the Wii U, I'm going to be pretty busy for a while.



rjejr said:

I just finished the first one on PS3 - I'm always a year behind on games as it's so much cheaper that way and I only play for about an hour a day - so I'll probably be ready to play this after I get a WiiU. Question will be price, I won't pay $50 new on WiiU if it's GH on PS3 for $30, which means on sale for $15. Just bought Uncharted 2 yesterday for $11.99 so I think I'm a two years behind on that one.

Anyway, good to hear about the WiiU development going smoothly and really looking forward to some Nintendo backed HD games. Zelda is pretty, but in an old school way. (Oh, and I paid $50 for Zelda b/c it will still be $50 3 years from now, no point in waiting.)



LittleIrves said:

Definitely worth a watch if you haven't. Neat to see some enthusiasm from the devs, especially so early in the process.
Also: Pancakes.



alLabouTandroiD said:

These two guys are really sympathetic and i hope their example shows other devs how easy it is to bring your games to the WiiU. Hope Ninty encourages everybody to bring great exclusive features to their cross-platform releases as well.
The part about E3 came off more downplayed than i thought and one can only speculate as to why Ninty didn't want to show the game running on the WiiU. Maybe they wanted to show that they want to treat all 3rd parties equally instead of stressing their relationship with Vigil.



drumsandperc92 said:

great interview, nice to hear that nintendo is making it easy & its nice to hear the excitement this team has about the controller...they really seemed to love it.
also, i think it can be assumed they didn't want to show any game running on the Wii U itself because the hardware isn't finalized. Darksiders II on Wii U right now, according to this interview, was a direct port and looked exactly the same as the 360 version...they just spent time getting it running. For nintendo it probably wasn't enough - they want games to run better on Wii U i'm sure, because they can because its better hardware or will be better hardware than the ps3/360. They probably didn't want to show anything off unless it was something to truly show off the console's ability to out-perform the competition.
I'm really looking forward to this year's E3 because by then I think they announced that the hardware & release date will be finalized?
If that's the case you know we can all expect to see games running on the system. 3rd party devs will be exciting...i'm interested to see if something like battlefield 3 will look on the Wii U as good as it looks on ultra mode on a top of the line PC. But even better...i expect to see 1st party games running on the hardware, and that will be exciting since it'll be Nintendo's first venture into the HD territory and not only that, but HD 6 years after the 1st HD console was released, so they have to make some leaps to catch up & im sure they will.



zyxion said:

Im exited to see what other 3rd party games will come since Nintendo is working with EA I definately plan to see a sims4 and that SSX 2012 on the Wii U. I also agree with 7 when they port any of the 2011 Titles, they (in all fairness) should be GOTY EDITIONS. controls wont be a big issue as long as most games have multiple control options wii mote/w nunchuka/classic controller pro. The more options the better. So far Darkstalkers, Ninja Gaiden, and batman A.C are a great start down the right path

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