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Wrestle With WWE All Stars on 3DS in November

Posted by James Newton

Bulging muscles in 3D

THQ's WWE All Stars on Wii was a decent attempt at an arcade take on sports entertainment, but despite the game launching on practically every format — even PS2 got a look-in — there was no portable port for Nintendo formats. That'll change later this year though, as THQ has announced WWE All Stars for 3DS.

While you might expect a cut-down version for the handheld, judging from the game's official fact sheet it contains all the characters from its HD cousins, with 43 characters in total: in fact, the PS3 and 360 versions ship with 32 characters on the disc with a further 12 available to download, which means the 3DS version gets downloadable content for free.

It'll also get a pair of exclusive modes too: survival challenge Gauntlet, where your health is regenerated by performing flashy moves, and Score Scramble, where the superstar with the highest score wins.

The game also includes a Create-a-Superstar mode but makes no mention of multiplayer components, so don't get your hopes up for online multiplayer just yet.

WWE All Stars on 3DS sees release in late November.


WWE All Stars delivers fast, fun, fluid and furious arcade-style gameplay to the Nintendo 3DS! Featuring your favorite colorful WWE Legends of the past and larger-than-life WWE Superstars of today, WWE All Stars delivers the greatest roster ever assembled in a WWE videogame! Step inside the virtual ring and experience WWE action in the palm of your hand, for the first time ever in 3D!



FUN AND IN-YOUR-FACE 3D WWE ARCADE-STYLE ACTION! – Take WWE action to the next dimension with high-flying, hard-hitting and high impact gameplay that bridges generations of WWE fans and casual followers alike with fun, intuitive and approachable gameplay that lets you jump right into the ring! With responsive, arcade-style controls, every WWE Legend and WWE Superstar will have a variety of grapples, attacks, killer combos, finishing and signature manuevers to create the ultimate competitive and fast-paced gaming experience that is easy to pick up and play but provides plenty for expert players to master.

BEST ROSTER EVER JUST GOT BIGGER – Choose from the greatest roster of WWE Superstars and WWE Legends EVER assembled in a WWE videogame, including John Cena, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Big Show, Triple H, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rey Mysterio and for the first time ever in a THQ/WWE videogame, “Macho Man” Randy Savage. 43 Superstars and Legends in total. Each WWE Legend and WWE Superstar will boast a distinctive and highly stylized appearance, adding to the overall spectacle, atmosphere and in-your-face attitude exuding from the on-screen action.

FOUR AWESOME CHARACTER CLASSES – Punt an opponent sky high! Juggle him with your fists! Weave together killer combinations of high impact moves or best an opponent with your fists of fury! With four distinct classes of competitor – Acrobat, Big Man, Brawler and Grappler - WWE All Stars will provide players with WWE Legends and WWE Superstars who have distinct advantages, strengths and techniques, including specific combinations and unique abilities.

FANTASY WARFARE – Who is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time? Which generation had the Best Big Man or the Most Impressive High Flier? Find out by choosing a side and playing through epic matchups between WWE Legends and Superstars to determine the best of all time, each introduced by cinematic video packages featuring authentic WWE footage.

CREATE-A-SUPERSTAR – The greatest WWE roster of all time wouldn’t be complete without YOUR created WWE Superstars! Customize your Superstar and pit him against the game’s WWE Superstars and WWE Legends to see if he can become legendary.

TWO EXCLUSIVE GAME MODES – GAUNTLET & SCORE SCRAMBLE – WWE All Stars presents two new game modes exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS! Battle every Superstar and Legend in the game in consecutive matches in Gauntlet. Show off skills to regenerate health. Do you have what it takes to run the Gauntlet? Score scramble matches challenge the player to either reach a specific point total or finish a timed match with the highest point total. The more over the top your attacks, the more points you'll be awarded.

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JusticeColde said:

We're gonna get Big Boss Man, LOD, Chris Jericho & R-Truth if My projections are correct.



stratocastx said:

This is awesome news, though I haven't played the console versions.
Please give us online multiplayer and I'll buy this day 1!



Supremeist said:

Hahaha. No thanks, I'm not 10 anymore. But I'm also glad to say I have never even given WWE a chance in my life. It's just pathetic. Lol



SilverBaretta said:

Huh. May be worth a look, that is if they're going through the trouble of making it as nice as the HD games.



Lan said:

Boo! I hate THQ and I hate "pro" wrestling. A match made in hell.



ecco6t9 said:

This one is strongly on my maybe pile, I only fear that there will be no one else around to play it.



SuperSpank said:

I played WWE 2010 on the DS, good game, but i played around with the editor more, than playing the actual game itself.



sykotek said:

You know what I'd like, No Mercy or WrestleMania 2000, but with an updated roster or a legends roster, remastered in HD or 3D. Flesh out create a character...I'd likely pay good money for that.



Supremeist said:

Yep, I'll stick with DoA: Dimensions and SSFIV. But hey, alot of kids around the age group of 7-10 really like WWE (Why, I don't know) and this will probably suit there needs. The game itself can't be that bad. But I just don't know what to expect from it.



Splat said:

There are alot of games I don't like or care about but I don't feel the need to bash them or their fans but maybe that's just me.



Xkhaoz said:

Has everything and more except multiplayer. Too bad I hate wrestling.



y2josh said:

Looks cool, but I think I'll wait for the console version to go down in price.



Joco84 said:

@16 Amen to that, No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000 rocked. As did the WCW/NWO games before them.

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