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Picture Lives! Comes to Japan on 7th September

Posted by James Newton

Drawing more details

One of the handful of 3DS downloadable games shown off at E3, Picture Lives! caused a stir with its strange premise: you draw a picture, and it comes to life. The clue's in the name.

We haven't heard much about it since that day in June, but we're about to see a lot more as it's reaching Japan on 7th September. Among the new features reveal include the ability to exchange your monsters with players near and far, using QR codes or local wireless, so we look forward to seeing some truly bizarre creations soon.

Here's the E3 trailer below, and check out the Japanese Picture Lives! site for more details.

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Bring Your Pictures to Life
This downloadable application, available exclusively in the Nintendo eShop, lets players easily create all kinds of creatures and objects, some beautiful, some bizarre. The program brings them to life complete with animations and personalities. The player can then take control of them and explore a whimsical game world, which can also be modified with customized creations.


  • Players start with simple shapes like circles and squares and build their creatures in any way they want. They pick the colors and forms, then add legs, eyes and a mouth. Even people with no artistic skills can put together a fun and interesting character.
  • Once the newly created creature gets a name and a voice, then it’s time to play. It comes to life and the player can control it using simple touch-screen controls. It can be made to walk, jump or even fly through a game world that contains all kinds of magical things to discover.
  • As players use their characters to munch on food and investigate their world, they can collect eggs to earn money for additional character-creation tools, or get bonuses that grant them extra power-ups.
  • Players can even unlock the ability to redesign elements in the game world. Don’t like puffy, white clouds? Make them purple with pink polka-dots.
  • The more pictures that a player draws, the larger the game world grows and the more areas there are to explore.
  • Players who activate the StreetPass™ feature can also wirelessly swap characters.


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Supremeist said:

Wow. This looks amazing. I will be picking this up next week, to go alongside with my Ambassador Games This is such a neat idea.



Dyl_73 said:

No thanks. Looks like an average 4 year old might enjoy it for a short while.

Flipnote Memo please. Yet another Nintendelay.



Geonjaha said:

Wow. Well its definately interesting, and I still think it looks better than a lot of other 3DS Ware offerings so I might be getting it.



Dizzard said:

Looks interesting, although it'll need a bit more depth if it's going to occupy people beyond the creature creator.

Also, the speech leaves a lot to be desired....



J-Forest-Esq said:

What do you actually do in this? I mean, other than create stuff and discover "magical things"?



Xkhaoz said:

I'm actually interested in this. That, and I just want more 3DSWare.



LittleIrves said:

@Jango-Forest Isn't discovering "magical things" enough?
I love this sort of creation app. I'm sure a lot of people will be turned off by the aesthetic, but I think it's charming. And let's just say I've been out of elementary school for some time...



Milkman-123 said:

it looks like its using drawn to life as a reference, which is sad. 5th cell released the drawn to life incomplete, as the players had to draw half the game.they decided to make up for it with scribblenauts when they decided to draw EVERYTHING(but thats another story). but idk, maybe this one will be better. maybe you can draw less and play more



SaKo said:

this game is out already in japan but i dont see any gameplay videos...

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