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Bring Your Pictures to Life!

This downloadable application, available exclusively in the Nintendo eShop, lets players easily create all kinds of creatures and objects, some beautiful, some bizarre. The program brings them to life complete with animations and personalities. The player can then take control of them and explore a whimsical game world, which can also be modified with customized creations.


  • Players start with simple shapes like circles and squares and build their creatures in any way they want. They pick the colors and forms, then add legs, eyes and a mouth. Even people with no artistic skills can put together a fun and interesting character.
  • Once the newly created creature gets a name and a voice, then it’s time to play. It comes to life and the player can control it using simple touch-screen controls. It can be made to walk, jump or even fly through a game world that contains all kinds of magical things to discover.
  • As players use their characters to munch on food and investigate their world, they can collect eggs to earn money for additional character-creation tools, or get bonuses that grant them extra power-ups.
  • Players can even unlock the ability to redesign elements in the game world. Don’t like puffy, white clouds? Make them purple with pink polka-dots.
  • The more pictures that a player draws, the larger the game world grows and the more areas there are to explore.
  • Players who activate the StreetPass™ feature can also wirelessly swap characters.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It’s alive!

The touch screen in the DS family of consoles has often been the focus for artistic experiences. The mere act of holding the stylus should inspire artists, and it’s this instinct that forms the foundation for Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! on 3DS...

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Make something weird and watch it come to life in this new video for Nintendo's FreakyForms: Your Creations, Alive!

User Comments (10)



Sockymon said:

Yeah, this looks great. This will be a Day 1 download for me. Stuff like this is great for filling my commuting journey. StreetPass support just makes it essential. I hit a couple of people every day, so hopefully they'll be Freaks too.



Geonjaha said:

Picked this up today. I'll be honest; its the best 3DSWare I have downloaded so far. The japanese style voices can be strange at times, as can the characters you create, but much like drawn to life the game offers a fun experience. I'd give it an 8/10 for the game value and its value for money :3.
Just for the record I have Pyramids - which I find highly disapointing (6/10 Game Score but 8/10 value for money).
I also Have excitebike, which is fun at times, but not all that great. (7/10 Game Score and 6/10 value for money). Pokedex 3D is alright, but somewhat lacking in stuff to do. (4/10 Game Score but 10/10 value for money).



RantingThespian said:

I have been playing it. It is Very good, and quite unique. The only game that seems similar to this is SPORE. Of course SPORE is much more expansive, but you get about the same joy creating these very odd creatures.



grumblegrumble said:

This game just seems too 'baby-like'. As an adult playing this, I'm wondering how on Earth adults can play this without thinking they're playing a kids game? (Maybe it's meant for kids.) To the guy above who said he loved this and hated Pyramids... uhm... yeah.... Pyramids is an excellent 3dsware game. This on the other hand, seems a little childish. Maybe for kids ages 1-8, but no one older than that I wish Nintendo would make (or developers would make) games that appealed to every age group without caving in to looking too cartoonish or too adult. This is a big No for me just based on the visuals.



Geonjaha said:

Pyramids is excellent 3DSWare? Really? It has terribly stiff controls, slow responses, boring simple graphics and the gameplay is something that could be created in an hour in a program as simple as GameMaker. It's boring, and the 3D effect is just annoying more than anything else in its context. Maybe pyramids seems more 'mature' but to be honest if you cant appreciate the game then its just you. I'm not a child either, but light hearted fun is what these games are for. I also find it funny that you're saying no just because of the visuals - they're much more impressive than pyramids. Mario and Zelda are at their basics just cartoons, and yet adults love them. If you find it too embarrassing to play such games then I feel sorry for you just for all the great times you're missing



Flowerlark said:

Hmm, I think I might get this when I get a 3DS. In answer to the above comments, I'm also an adult and feel no shame in games presented as being for kids, or that have cartoony graphics. Windwaker is my favourite game and I've enjoyed Spore and other 'kids' games. There's no point being ashamed because honestly, are that many people looking over your shoulder as you play?



Hokori said:

@9 Yes I feel the same way im an adult now and I feel great still, in fact Im willing to brag to my friends on the bus who are younger who arnt willing to play this because it will make them look too childish, and I think by saying its too childish that makes them more childish.

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