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Max Factory to Unleash New Metroid: Other M Figures

Posted by James Newton

Comes in two flavours

Compared to Nintendo's other main franchises, there's an undeniable lack of Metroid merchandise out there in the wild, but Japanese figurine manufacturer Max Factory is taking a stab at correcting that with two new figures based on Metroid: Other M as spotted at a recent Japanese toy fair.

One figure will be a small replica of Samus in her Power Suit and will be fully poseable, expected to retail for between 3,000 and 4,000 Yen — between $40 and $52 / £24 and £32.

The second is a much more interesting proposition: a larger figure of Zero Suit Samus created in 1/8th scale, hopefully resulting in a decent quality recreation of the bounty hunter.

Max Factory's figurines are yet to make it officially out of Japan, but no doubt these creations will both be available at all good importers when they're released next year.


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Tare said:

I want a power suit action figure. Though I'd rather use club nintendo points rather than real money.



pikku said:

I want. I'd totally pay $40 for that thing, even though I can't see the whole thing. Bring it here please



Crona said:

I'd love these unfortunately I'm just a broke college student.



Scissors said:

I'm really happy about this Max Factory/Goodsmile Company is a great company. Their figures are highly detailed, and highly posable, and they come with alot of accessories usually with around 8 different pairs of hands. Basically whatever pose you can imagine you can pose them in. They're totally worth the money, the only downside is figmas are a little small usually around 5 In., most figures you buy at stores in the U.S are around 6in.

If you are thinking about importing I recommend purchasing from Ami Ami, they are almost always the cheapest, and they have really good customer service. If anyone has any questions about importing, or Japanese figure collecting feel free to ask me I'm pretty knowledgeable on that subject.



Noire said:

Oh, if only I had any money at all ... I'd love these figures in ways that are probably not appropriate enough to describe on this site.



The_Fox said:

Maybe it's just the lighting but it looks like Samus has a bad camel toe in her zero suit figure.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd LOVE to have some Metroid ACTION figures... but that Samus.. nice, but... it's the over-sexualization of female game characters again. Her hips are cocked out beyond her shoulders and she's got a pose traced right out of a lingerie magazine. Was Samus ever posed like that in the game?

Also... adding high heels and a beauty mark... sighs Did anyone involved with this re-design KNOW that high heels are impractical for combat? How many SERIOUS comic book women heroes actually wear high heels? Or how about women heroes in OTHER video games that you can take seriously? Seriously, Team Ninja, what the heck?

THIS is my big hang-up on Metroid Other M rather than the story... that and the length of the game as a whole and it's liniarcy.



moosa said:

You dislike Other: M because Samus looks slightly different? Okay.

Human females tend to have wider hips than shoulders after puberty, and about 99.5% of these Asian figurines of female characters are obviously sexualized. It's really not anything to talk about regarding this specific figure.



MetroidMasher17 said:

I want that Power Suit figurine, so I can reverse-engineer it and make a version that fits me! Mwahahahahaha!

No, I'm kidding. It would be awkward to find a guy in the Power Suit. I'd make some changes to make it my own.



Gamesake said:

After I buy both figures, I'm going to bump them together and make kissy noises.



DrDaisy said:

How much I would pay for a Samus action figure depends on detail, poseability, and durability. For a highly-detailed figure that is hard to break and can be played with like Gymnist Barbie or at least a G.I. Joe action figure, I'd consider paying $40 or $50.

You do that. See where it gets you.

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