Australia 3DS Price Goes to $249.95 on 12th August

Free games for everyone!

So we know about the European 3DS price drop and cheaper North American 3DS too, and now we have the next big piece in the puzzle: Australia.

Nintendo of Australia announced the 3DS will drop to AU $249.95 from 12th August, down from $349.95. New Zealanders, your price will be NZ $343.99.

As with the other territories, those who've already bought their machine and register it to the eShop before 11th August are eligible for 20 free games: 10 from NES and 10 from Game Boy Advance. Again, as in North America and Europe, the GBA games are exclusive to early adopters — buy your machine after 12th August and you might miss out.

This concludes the price drop information for today.

If you want to know more, we've put together a special Nintendo Ambassador, eShop and Virtual Console FAQ to help you out.