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Nintendo Website May Be Victim of Phishing Scam

Posted by Trevor Chan

Nothing to do with overpaying for haddock

Nintendo's European website may be the victim of a phishing scam as investigations are underway to determine the severity of the situation.

Until further notice, certain parts of the site have been shut down while Nintendo investigates. Taken from the online notice that's posted on the website, Nintendo warns:

We have learnt of a possible phishing threat to users of the European Nintendo website which we are currently investigating. The protection of our customers is our utmost priority and so we have taken the precaution of immediately shutting down some parts of this website until further notice. We would like to reassure you that we do not hold our customer’s bank, credit card or address details on the European Nintendo website and so this data is not at risk.

Phishing is when someone attempts to find out your personal information, such as usernames and passwords, by pretending to be a trustworthy person or company in an electronic communication such as an email or via a website.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Please do get in touch with your local Nintendo Customer Services if you have any further concerns.

This incident follows hacker group LulzSec's recent breach into Nintendo's systems. Although no harm was apparently done, a configuration file was taken by the group. Taken from LulzSec's twitter feed:

Re: Nintendo, we just got a config file and made it clear that we didn't mean any harm. Nintendo had already fixed it anyway. <3 them!

Nintendo spokesperson Ken Toyoda did not go into details but clarified that:

There were no third-party victims... But it is a fact there was some kind of possible hacking attack.

It is currently unclear if these two incidents are related.

Thanks to Nintendo Life user Arctic Furnace for sending this in.


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Qeuix said:

Whoa sounds kinda harsh for this to happen. I have never seen a Nintendo website being hacked before.



Issun said:

Héhéhé ! I was first to report it ^^ Je suis trop fort !

The biggest problem now is thet there isn't the new Solatorobo video...



J-Forest-Esq said:

Hm. Haddock prices are known to vary from place to place. I recommend sourcing you phish straight from the sea.



Chris720 said:

Sony wants revenge!

Strange that anyone would attack the Nintendo website... ah well... stupid hackers.



GameLord08 said:

11/06/11 - The day a highly respectable company's website actually got hacked for the first time.

This is bigger than the end of the world. ...Um, whichever end of the world was biggest.



Late said:

Heard about this few days ago already but not with this much content.



Cipher said:

NOE is the subject of a phishing scam - it hasn't been hacked. There's a difference.

@TikiTong Anonymous are hackers, I highly doubt they have any interest in phishing because there's a much lower chance of actually getting any meaningful data.



Raptor78 said:

Well everybody moaned about Sony because they didnt let anybody know about the Security breach straight away, so yeah, I think Nintendo is doing right by taking these measures. There is a chance of a breach so they have let everybody know from the start and they are investigating it which may mean some services are unavailable in the meantime. Sure im a bit peeved about not being able to access my Stars so I can get some more wii points from them but at least I feel reasured that Nintendo have my best interest at heart.



Henmii said:

"Nintendo, we just got a config file and made it clear that we didn't mean any harm"

So why did you guys do it then? Because you guys are pieces of , that's why! Many people are cheering for these hacking guys, while they totally don't realize that it are these people who are destroying the internet! These pieces of don't have anything else to do, and think it's normal to steal things and get everything for free. And that's not how the cookie crumbles in this world! Hackers are no heroes, they are criminals!



phoenix1818 said:

Why does everyone seem to be getting hacked at the moment? It was never this bad before...



Henmii said:

Because a lot of people see hackers as heroes. The media hypes it to death. You are not populair if you don't hack. That's the impression the media wants to give people, and the people fall for it!



AlbertoC said:

It seems that some people don't know what phising is. Trust me, you don't need to take down any servers or passwords to do that.



YorkshireNed said:

Why the hell would people phish for Club Nintendo? are the Mafia laundering stars points so they can sell classic controller SNES on ebay? Come on, Nintendo, give us the damn Club Nintendo back and put some freaking eshop cards on the rewards catalogue



YorkshireNed said:

Oh dear, still not back up, this is now the fourth morning it has been down. It's annoying for me as I have stars points built up. They are going to look very silly if the site isn't back up by the end of the week when Ocarina 3d hits the stores. As Nintendo themselves say, they don't have our credit card details. I don't think even have our addresses, phone numbers or shoe what's the problem? Open up!

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