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Beyond the Labyrinth Headed to 3DS in Japan

Posted by Zach Kaplan

An RPG to watch

Pandora's Tower is among the highly anticipated games slated for the Japanese market but without any current plans for Western release. You can add to that list Beyond the Labyrinth, an upcoming 3DS RPG from tri-Ace, developer of such games as Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile and published in Japan by Konami.

Directed by Takayuki Suguro, little is known besides the fact that it stars a young girl, pictured in screens and concept art that were revealed earlier this week by Famitsu. The teaser site just opened as well, where you can listen to a sample music track.

We're hoping to hear more about this game in the future, and with games like Tales of the Abyss already headed overseas, we're hoping to see more of this type of game make it beyond Japan. We'll let you know all news as it develops.

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Noire said:

Gorgeous female protagonist 3DS RPG developed by tri-Ace... DO WANT.



CanisWolfred said:

Ugh....another Tri-Aces game. I'll probably get it, hopefully on the cheap, but I probably won't like it.



Arcanum said:

I'm gonna add this to my list of most wanted RPG's
So now it's:
Pandora's Tower
The Last Story
Beyond the Labyrinth
.........I need to find a way to play all these japanese games! O_o



Samholy said:

All Tri-Ace games I played are memorable titles. This one looks like one of them.



TikiTong said:

And the the dreaded words pop up"in japan" i hope this isnt another game that only releases in japan!!!!



daznsaz said:

is there anyone outside of japan that can make rpgs for 3ds would be nice



masterjerry357 said:

For any owners of a 3DS: If you save the photo to your computer and rename it HNI_0034 (or other numbers) these photos will show up in your 3DS's photo gallery when you store them onto your SD Card and when you see them, they will blow your mind.

Try it



SwerdMurd said:

unfortunately tri-ace made resonance of fate which didn't do much for me Until that game, they were batting 1000. Gonna watch this one a bit more tentatively



jerryo said:

"the graphics are amazing" gone are the days of "a game doesn't need graphics to be awesome" in which case, i think we shouldn't be so happy that we are getting what PSP had for some years now. acidic humour acide, there are going to be some awesome games previously not possible on DS. lets get them coming though because i started becoming impatient. Sony is pushing the envelope a lot with their new tablets. even presented a dual screen one. and that one although it looks like a lady's purse is very tasty



nite2727 said:

Nintendo + Cell Shaded Graphics = Nice looking games!
Wii needs to do more cell shading. look at Red Steel 2
3ds has powerful graphics and texture skills, & with 3d it will be GREAT
3ds needs to continue with these kinda graphics and make sum fps!
Conduit 3d with cell shaded characters n good textures = MONEY!



moosa said:

I hope that 1) the game really does end up looking as good as in that "screenshot," and 2) that it's not just a pre-rendered backdrop.

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