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Tue 8th Mar 2011

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nite2727 commented on Amazon Listing Outs June 17 EU Release for 3DS...:

a late ds game, ported to the 3ds. make one with full 3d in as one big adventure beat em up title, then add rpg elements and u got yourself a game. 2d side scrollers for 40 bucks? better have the voice work, online co op, street pass, unlockable characters and costumes and sum kind of rpg element and we'll talk



nite2727 commented on Beyond the Labyrinth Headed to 3DS in Japan:

Nintendo + Cell Shaded Graphics = Nice looking games!
Wii needs to do more cell shading. look at Red Steel 2
3ds has powerful graphics and texture skills, & with 3d it will be GREAT
3ds needs to continue with these kinda graphics and make sum fps!
Conduit 3d with cell shaded characters n good textures = MONEY!



nite2727 commented on Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D:

a remake of a mini game being sold for 40 bucks hmmmm. 30 stages, maybe about 20 characters, rpg elements, perks similar to call of duty, online co op, local co op, customizable layouts, and IN YOUR FACE ACTION??!! on top of that a demo of Resident Evil Revelations?! oooh yea! jack with a cross bow and a shotgun im happy! But I WANT DLC THAT GIVES US A MODE WHERE WE CAN PLAY WAVES AND WAVES INSTEAD OF A TIME BASED RUSH! THIS IS NOT SONIC! ZOMBIES = WAVES OF ACTION NOT TIME BASED! U GIVE ME WAVE MODE AND THIS GAME IS PERFECT!



nite2727 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):

gameplay- is great
sound- japanese voice work no english (bummer)
graphics- average
story- is slow and boring
action- is great
40 different characters each with different weapons and animations
= a very good game. 7.5 outta 10



nite2727 commented on Hey, Listen, We Have 19 New Ocarina of Time Sc...:

40 bucks for a game i already have in my closet along with the system to play it??? naaa! rip off! fixed graphics, 3d backgrounds, but add somethin fun like online co op. or something grabbing something new. there should ONLY be a master quest. mix it up. y sell the same game, people know this game like the back of they hand. 20 or 30 bucks maybe. no 40



nite2727 commented on Review: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS):

nintendo does it again. lazy = money. this game is old. was $40 for 360 n ps3. now its like $30 new at gamestop! and they gonna send this out for full 3ds price?? (puke!) any remake in my opinion coming to the 3ds like this, zelda, pes soccer etc games that r already should be 30 right off the bat. Resident evil mercenaries is a hold over title until revelations comes out. mercenaries is a mini game of resident evil 3,4 and 5. i can get re5 for like 10 bucks at game stop! (more puke!) nintendo is crafty but smart. ill pass on this and go for samurai warriors 3ds!!!