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The Brothers Mario 2 Trailer Introduces Us to the New Don

Posted by Trevor Chan

One pastiche you don't want to mess with

When the trailer for the fictitious film The Brothers Mario was released, it gave us a good chuckle at how many video game and cultural references were crammed so beautifully into the space of 5 minutes. How might a sequel turn out? The Country Club shows us how.

Another exclusive from The Game Station, The Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country depicts previous adversaries Bowser and the Mario brothers joining forces to take down a common enemy. Old allies make a return, and new enemies make an appearance.

As with the previous trailer, it will probably take you a couple of views to catch all the sneaky references. So if you liked what you saw in the first trailer, you'll like what you're about to see.

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Morpheel said:

Suddenly, i imagined myself in a twisted world where RockStar games was owned by Nintendo.



Big_A2 said:

It's like almost The Empire Strikes Back of video gaming movie trailer parodies.



6ch6ris6 said:

i know this word is often used nowaday but this time it really fits...

EPIC !!!



Deviant_Mugen said:

That was amazing...

Great subtle references, too, though the "Don... key Kong" line made me groan. I was kind of expecting the Kongs to be riding around in a gray vehicle (perhaps a Hummer) with "RAMBI" on the license plate, though...



Robo-goose said:

Quite a bit of harsh cursing to be on Nintendo Life, specifically at 2:03. For a kid friendly website, I'm both surprised and disappointed.



Doma said:

Whoa, Diddy suffered badly, that was uncalled for…. lol



SuperLink said:

"What can I say, I'm hooked on the brothers!"

In all honesty, this is very well done. Not only do these people know how to tie basic Mario elements into a shoot'em-up, gangster like trailer, but they know what they're doing with all of those great refeneces that make you go "Wow, I can't believe they tied THAT in there!"



PSICOffee said:

I like how Dry Bones stood up when Mario turned around. It would have been funny to see Boo only move when Mario had his back to him.

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