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Konami's 3DS Sudoku Collection Includes Bomberman

Posted by James Newton

Only as a cameo, though

After the excitement in November about White Bear Studio's 3DS Sudoku game — since revealed to be just a concept — it looks like Konami is going to win the honour of "first 3DS Sudoku game" with its publication of Hudson Soft's Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection in May.

As the name implies, it's not just Sudoku you'll be trying out in glorious autostereoscopic 3D, as the collection also includes Hashi, Shikaku and Akari alongside the classic numbers-in-boxes puzzle.

Should you get stuck on a particularly tough head-scratcher, you can trade in your Play Coins — earned through using the 3DS as a pedometer — for hints to help you solve the quandary at hand.

Not sure you can get behind another Sudoku compilation after the huge wealth of the titles on DSiWare? This one contains Bomberman.

The collection of 600 puzzles will be available on shelves across Europe this May.

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HUDSON SOFT enters 3D realm
Puzzle game compilation leads HUDSON’s Nintendo 3DS™ line

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that HUDSON SOFT’s first title for Nintendo 3DS will be Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection, a compilation of popular puzzle styles due for release in May.

Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection is a test of mental acuity for the Nintendo 3DS, offering a choice of four puzzle game styles, including the numerical test that is Sudoku. Based on puzzles devised by world-famous puzzle maker Nikoli, the quartet is completed with versions of Hashi (Bridges) , Shikaku (Boxes) and Akari (Museum) – some of Japan’s most taxing puzzle styles.

Each puzzle has been created to benefit from simple control interfaces designed to ease the player into the complexities that the four sub-games offer. To this end, Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection will make use of Nintendo’s clever ‘Play Coins’ system. Players earn points as they carry their Nintendo 3DS with them, and these can be exchanged within the HUDSON game for hints for particularly challenging puzzles.

The 3D capabilities of the format are used in each game via beautiful imagery, with Shikaku showing off formed boxes with specially-created visuals, while Hashi’s linking bridges are also brought to vivid life. Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection contains a total of 600 tests, ranging from basic introductory stages through to Hard challenges that will test the most intelligent of players.

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MrMagpie said:

The thing I'm liking best is the fact that play coins are only making the game easier, not strictly necessary for completion



moosa said:

I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on in the top screen along with all this number-crunching action, but I kind of like it.



NESguy94 said:

It looks fun, but that is one of the least creative game names ever. Also, didn't Hudson soft of North America just close?!?



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'm interested in this for the other three puzzles types, NOT for the Sudoku. The question is...will it actually see release in America?

Also, this is the first use I've heard for the 3DS Coins...if there was a previous announcement, I missed it. Anyway, sounds like a good use of the system to me.



PSICOffee said:

I love the way Konami is handling a Hudson property. It feels like Bomberman will get more recognition in the future rather than just the generic multiplayer bombfest that's occured every other year as a download title.



SilverBaretta said:

@Stuffgamer: Street Fighter is using them for new costumes or figurines or something along those lines.

Anyway, I suck at Sudoku, but the other puzzle types have piqued my interest.



Victoria said:

The puzzle games look interesting. I enjoy playing Sudoku games and do one nearly every day on my DSi.
But this is why the 3DS touch screen needs to be bigger!



Morpheel said:

the sudoku interface looks just like "sudoku student/sensei"s, which is not bad., but....



Bass_X0 said:

It feels like Bomberman will get more recognition in the future rather than just the generic multiplayer bombfest

Did you forget that Bomberman has starred in baseball, go-kart, RPGs, puzzle and platform games?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SilverBlacktail: Ah, well, there you go. I'm not paying much attention to the news regarding that game. Fighting games are NOT my thing.

@Bass X0: Did you forget how few of those titles have actually released in America? Seriously, my online research has taught me that we haven't gotten HALF of the Bomberman games ever released. We ONLY got the puzzle game on Virtual Boy of all systems, and never got Baseball at all. One racing game on PS1, Bomberman Quest on GBC is the closest to an "RPG" I can think of (that and maybe Bomberman Tournament on GBA), and Pocket Bomberman would be the only platformer (also GBC). I only WISH we had your "too much Bomberman" problem, but the little dude's seriously hard to come by over here!



PSICOffee said:

I agree with Stuffgamer1 and @Bass X0 of course I know he's been in platformers and rpg-esque games, hell I own most every Bomberman game released in the States. I'm talking about recently these past couple years, we haven't had something like the Bomberman 64 games, or the GBA ones, but rather plain ones like the PSP Bomberman, Bomberman Blast on Wiiware, and Bomberman Blitz on DSI Ware.

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