The WiiWare and DSiWare logos are like old friends, with their slanty, curvy letters, so it's no surprise Nintendo decided to stick to exactly the same design style with the logo for 3DSWare.

Nintendo of Greece uploaded the logo to its website recently, although there's nothing else to see in the section: no confirmed games, prices or any details at all. Just a logo.

For all the talk of how the eShop will beat the Wii and DSi shops, at least the logo is familiar. One other familiar aspect about 3DSWare is the 100% review coverage you'll be able to read here at Nintendo Life; every game reviewed, from the first update in May right until the final release.

Update: It looks like Nintendo of Greece has removed the image, so we'll see if it comes true. This may be the real thing, but Nintendo may not be officially releasing it yet, or it may be a mock-up. Only time will tell!