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EA Weed-Whacks Gardens from Production

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Looks like you'll have to go outdoors after all

It sure looked pretty, but EA announced at a recent event in New York City that they have cancelled production of their bucolic horticulture simulator Gardens, once slotted as one of EA's 3DS launch titles. While those who were looking forward to a more relaxing handheld experience will certainly lament this loss, perhaps this is for the best – in previewing the game, Joystiq called it "lifeless," featuring "uncomfortable" 3D visuals.

Were you looking forward to this atypical would-be experience, or are you glad to see this tree get the axe?


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komicturtle said:

It does show the strength of the 3DS' visuals.. But it's not something I would purchase or even want really...



iphys said:

I wish more companies would axe their junk, rather than releasing every substandard game.



moosa said:

Honestly, it never looked very pretty. A gardening game COULD be entertaining, but I get the feeling this was more of a "scribble here to water the flowers" experience and little more.

Anyways, EA was probably betting on the 3DS being full of low-budget, casual-oriented softwares, and then backed off after seeing one-on-one 3D fighters and Tom Clancy games in the launch list.



armoredghor said:

I honestly would have bought this one. It looked light hearted and fun, maybe it'll be revived for download. I can only hope.



Tails said:

Glad its not coming out. Make way for maybe an age of real gaming once again .



Mowzle2 said:

Well, I had thought I would get this, maybe as a bit of relaxation before sleep. 'Real gamers' need not have applied. However, having looked at the thumbnails closely I agree they do seem to make for uncomfortable visuals, and I'm not sure about the little creature in the coolie hat.
One thing to note - Chicken Brutus has great taste in music, but he's obviously not a keen gardener ;p



Phobos said:

@Mowzle - Chevre!
Anyway, I'm not too happy/sad about it being cancelled. Sure, it's a bit of a loss. Sure, it was lookin' pretty. Sure, it was shovelware. Sure, it was EA. But, oh well, it's not the apocalypse.



James said:

But not in 3D... oh wait.

I would have probably enjoyed this as I like the old Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing games. Still, I suspect EA will have enough big hits on 3DS for them not to miss this one.

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