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MUDDS Won't Be Making a Splash on DSiWare After All

Posted by James Newton

Renegade Kid campaign falters

You might remember that last month we brought you news of a campaign to get Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds on DSiWare, where developer Renegade Kid asked for 1,000 comments on a blog post to see if the game had an audience on the download service. Regrettably, one month later, the campaign has ended without fruition, with 452 gamers lending their support to the title.

It now appears MUDDS will stay locked in the Vault of Could-Have-Been, with no sign of it ever seeing the light of day on DS. Watch the video below to have a look at what you could have won.

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Ryon said:

This looks like super mario sunshine... except things arent so sunshiny anymore..



DannyBoyTheDude said:

Woof woof. (Sniff. This looks like it would of been a lot of fun. And I'm glad this is only the second of two "disappointment" tags.)



Nnooo said:

WOW I didn't know about this. Looks really promising too Shame to see it miss the service.



LordJumpMad said:

3D DSiware games don't always work out.

it may have been costing you 12 or 15 Bucks for this one



WiiLovePeace said:

Dang, I added my vote via both mine & a friend's google accounts. Oh well, fun while it lasted



childofacid said:

What a shame. I lent my vote, but looks like that wasn't enough. You would think the hundreds of users on NL would have voted...

@Nnooo nice to see you on here again! I was about to twitter you guys my GDC plans! Ha!



Knux said:

Crud, I was one of the voters and I would have love to play this.



Yadoking said:

Yeah, I don't get why folks didn't vote for this game. It looked to be a solid title, especially for DSiwares.



juanduran1 said:

dang... i was also one of the voters who wanted this game to come out on dsiware. Its our loss.



GammaGames said:

minecraft 3ds would be awesome... it would probably work, it doesnt take that much cpu to work, does it?



cheapogamer4life said:

Strange thing is NL has been reporting a average of two disappointing articles a month since the site first started. Which means by the time we recover from one heartbreaker another one is just a few days away.



retro_player_22 said:

If they didn't make the trailer so freaking boring it would had over 1,000 comments. Most gamers wanted to see more innvoation in gameplay from the game and the trailer didn't deliver.



flowerchild said:

Tigus, I would have voted too had I known about this! For a company to nix a game because they didn't get enough interest, well, why the heck didn't they let people know?

JumpMad: Awww, that face alone should make them offer the game! It makes me want to cry!!

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