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Japanese Virtual Console list - February 2011

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Just three games this time

It doesn't look like Capcom is ready to release more arcade game even in Japan, with next month's releases featuring nothing from their catalogue. The games being released are all part of fairly big franchises, though only one of them is likely to see release elsewhere.

The full list is as follows:


  • SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 2: Capsule Senki (A fairly complicated strategy game starring super deformed (SD) Gundam characters.)

Super Famicom:

  • Shin Megami Tensei: if... (A side-story in the Megami Tensei series, which is mostly known in the west for the Persona games.)

Neo Geo:

  • The King of Fighters '96 (Considered somewhat of a turning point for the franchise, this is where the games went from being simply "good" to being "really good".)

It's likely that we'll see KoF eventually, will you be getting it?

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Bass_X0 said:

Yup. King of Fighters '96 is really good. Day one download for me, hope its soon. This better have the pretty awesome arranged music though. Its just not the same without it.



CanisWolfred said:

Jeez, that's a good Month - Gundam, SMT: If..., and Arguably one of the better early KOFs. I think 3 good games is better than a bunch of not so greats.

And again, I ask: why don't we see this kind of support.



ejamer said:

Not trying to discourage people from buying KoF'96, but you can often find the King of Fighters Collection retail game (in North America) for as low as $15. That compilation includes five iterations of the King of Fighters game, spanning releases from 1994 until 1998. For some people, that might be a better value...



Bass_X0 said:

I have the PS2 collection. Its a poor quality port and did not capture the true essence of the series. It was a waste of money TBH.



Aenaida said:

Probably the biggest Neo Geo game to hit VC so far

Close. It's tied with Metal Slug 2 (both are 362 Megs).



MarkyVigoroth said:

"Shin Megami Tensei: if... "
If if... comes there...
...and just in time for the re-release of Persona 2!



SuperDude95 said:

@ Aenaida
Alot of the newer Neo-Geo games on the VC are being compressed into zip files, so the game will probably be pushed from 362 blocks to 132, so in VC standards, 392 blocks to 162.



Chozo85 said:

@Bass. The Wii version of the KoF collection is much better than the PS2 version, all those glitches and long loading times have been removed. Furthermore the games run in 60hz, the VC versions don't.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

KOF '96 was a big turning point of the franchise and had an amazing visual presentation. That being said, it's probably the most unbalanced KOF out there. But it's a definite download for any fighting game fan out there,



Tsuchinoko said:

I've been holding out to have whichever is the most recent KOF game that they would put on the service. It would be nice to have '98, but if '96 is the most recent I can get, Ill get that one.

I don't really want to have multiple versions of the game. I got Street Fighter II, and then bought Zero. I never play either, so I feel like because I wanted to try one game in the series and got multiple ones, I wasted my money on 2 games.



outrun2sp said:

Wii KOF collection is still glitchy. Horribly upscaled and KOF 98 has a game breaking sound bug in it.

If I get a replacement WII to fix my one that broke 3 times, im going with an american model on the cheap so I can get 60hz snk games.



FluttershyGuy said:

That few February releases in Japan? That doesn't bode well for the rest of us. If they're getting that few, think how little everyone else will get, if any! I feel a dry spell coming on. Hope the 3DS VC will help revive the Wii VC from the drought I imagine it'll be in when the 3DS gets it's shop update in May.



MmBuddha said:

Could I get some opinions from anyone who has the collection about KoF 96 vs 98? They're both considered classics of the series, I'm not sure which one I want to hold out for. From watching videos online, I got the impression that 98 is the benchmark game, but 96 looked like it had a more simple/pure presentation. Is that true?



Bass_X0 said:

Get '96 now then '98 when its released in two or three years time if it ever comes out at all.

America shouldn't have drought other than the usual one game every two weeks. You have Super Bonk, Faxanadu, Super EDF and Rival Turf to come.



Yadoking said:

Herp. For some reason I decided to read this as "Japanese games coming here" or something near to that.
Re:I would like to get the SMT game, unfortunately, I won't be getting any of them.



gojiguy said:


do NOT download the VC version. The controls are BOTCHED.

Just pay ten bucks more and get the KoF collection that has 94-98. Ten bucks more and you get 4 more games. With control options. And practise modes. and art galleries. and achievements. and more.

the VC version is, and always will be, inferior.



gojiguy said:

@anyone else considering buying this game or "holding out for 98"

just dont. The VC versions have horrible button mapping (look on Gonintendo- they posted about it) and no practice mode, no continues, etc.

The KoF Collection features the arcade versions (better animation/visuals) and features unlimited continues, complete control customization (this is a BIG deal), a humongous gallery, a soundtrack collection, an implemented practice mode for each game (not in the home OR arcade versions) AND 4 more games.

For 20 bucks. 11 bucks more than the VC NEO GEO garbage.

seriously. There is no competition. Especially if you're from the UK and wanna play in 60hz.



Bass_X0 said:

I have the collection on PS2 and I have KoF94 and KoF95. I'll stick with the VC games.

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