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Be the Hip Hop King in Cinemax's Third Rytmik Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

... to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat

With two Rytmik titles already under its belt, Czech developer Cinemax is getting ready to launch the third instalment in the franchise, and following Rytmik: Rock Edition, musically-creative gamers can look forward to something with a little more Hip to the Hop.

The Rytmik: Hip Hop King user-interface will instantly look familiar to users well-versed in previous releases. Users will have four tracks to compose songs by combining pre-installed clips: utilising drums, percussion, bass, melodic instruments and scratch samples. The in-game library bank contains 128 sound samples to play with, and several effects which they can apply to their instruments.

With Rytmik Hip Hop King you can quickly and easily create the basic building stone – an audio clip. It consists of musical notations for up to four instruments that you may transpose, select their location in the stereo field, and modify their volume, reverse, shuffle (rhythm twist) and polyphony (with extended polyphony handling), chorus/widening stereo effect and echo. You may arbitrarily combine up to 128 such clips in four tracks and create complex pieces of music. Moreover, you have a collection of 11 pre-made compositions at your disposal from which you may quickly compose your own pieces.

Rytmik Hip Hop King is not only for playing with sounds; in the hands of a skilful musician it can become a serious musical instrument – surprisingly powerful pocket music station. For the best musical experience we recommend connecting headphones or quality speaker system. You’ll become the Hip Hop King of the party in no time…

Release dates have yet to be confirmed, but Cinemax has revealed that the DSiWare application will cost 800 points. To get a feel for what can be composed on Rytmik Hip Hop King, head over to the official game website where the music player has 11 different tracks available for your listening pleasure.


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James said:

I'm not a big hip-hop fan but I think its strong emphasis on good beats should suit Rytmik well. We'll soon see!



Robo-goose said:

That's what I like about Rytmik, they add new features without changing the layout of the program.




lolz at the quote "It's bigger than...HIP HOP HIP HOP!"
This one actually itnerests me teh most :3



Ecto-1 said:

I'm not much of a hip hop fan, but I like that Cinemax is experimenting with different genres so that there is something for everyone.



SilverBaretta said:

Seems like we have yet another quality Rytmik release on our hands. Although, I can't help but wonder what something like this would be like on WiiWare with DJ Hero Turntable compatibility....



edhe said:

I didn't see that coming.

But Rock and Dance are enough for me at them moment.

I wouldn't mind a chiptune one though...



IanUniacke said:

I had a listen to the songs. They sound really good. The hip hop genre seems like it would suit Rytmik really well.



Kurona said:

I got Rock edition, and that worked for me. Not sure if I'll get this one... but like edhe said, if they released a chiptune one, I'll spring for that.



ShadowDX1 said:

they should make one where you can upload ur songs online (like on flip note hatena) and dey could also make some contests from time to time

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