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The First Nintendo Console to Play DVDs was the NES

Posted by James Newton

Well, sort of

The humble Nintendo Entertainment System has been everything from a lunchbox to a guitar, but for those who like the classic experience of putting media in and getting entertainment out will be intrigued by this latest mod that turns the console into a fully functioning DVD player.

A little more complex than simply putting a DVD player inside an NES case, with some modifications required to output a higher quality signal from the box, it still looks pretty amazing to see a disc going into an NES.

Website Instructables has the list of necessary tools and instructions, so if you have a broken NES and an unattractive DVD player then this could be the project for you.


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Iggy said:

Thats sweet, i want the mod were theres a wii in the NES now thats a mod i want:D



PSICOffee said:

Yeah that's cool and all but maybe I fail to see the point. Sure it would be neat to show off at first, but if you have 20 things turned into NES's in your house its gonna get pretty redundant fast. Besides, its bulkier than a standard DVD player anyway. Now if it was Blue-Ray, or even PS3 inside of an NES, that would be hilarious.



OldBoy said:

@9 I agree. Its cool but I have nowhere to put it in my rig.If someone does a PS3 mod though I'll be all over it.



SwerdMurd said:

lol and the donkey is watching Lost. Way to instantly lose my respect.

I bet he takes that DVD out and puts in a season of Dancing with the Stars right afterword...then pauses it to watch a rerun of NCIS.

TV is terrible now.



Raylax said:

The way that message was phrased, I get the feeling @14 is a closet fan of Lost and more than a little partial to a night in watching Dancing With The Stars :3



Chris720 said:

Interesting... a NES DVD player... why have one when you can have a TV with a built-in DVD player? :3



Iggy said:

New Ultimate Fighter, Always Sunny in Philly, postseason baseball(Go Twins), and new south park on the way i cant find any reason not to watch tv lately.



MeloMan said:

@ 7. JumpMad

Hmm... an N64 toaster doesn't sound half bad. It's already a top-loader



MeloMan said:

I need to fire up the DeLorean and take this NES back to 1985 with me... "Feast you eyes upon the media of the future". Be our luck we'd all be playing Blue Ray Super Nintendo's by 1991



Vinsanity said:

" if you have a broken NES and want an unattractive DVD player then this could be the project for you." -- hahaha. That crack about the unattractive DVD player was good.



mjc0961 said:


1 Unmount the NES and DVD Player
2 Put DVD into NES
3 Close the NES case
4 Install the circuits
5 install the RCA and AC/DC
6 install the IRDA and finish him!"

Bahahaha! Sounds like a crappy GameFAQs guide written by a 9 year old. Or something out of an IGN Strategize video (thanks again for telling me to go for headshots in Red Dead Redemption IGN! Never would have figure out that simple concept used in almost every game with shooting stuff ever if you hadn't told me).



retro_player_22 said:

It's awesome that they could make an NES Wii out of the original NES hardware, now I want them to make a GameCube Wii (complete with High Speed Port and LAN/Moden adapters) so that I could play my Game Boy Player as well as all my Wii and GameCube games in one console.

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