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Details of Doctor Who Titles Emerge from the TARDIS

Posted by James Newton

Two titles totally different

The upcoming Timelord adventures Doctor Who: Return to Earth for Wii and Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for DS are expected to make their way to Europe in four weeks, so it's a little odd we know nothing of either title barring some screenshots. Worry not, as the Official Nintendo Magazine has unearthed a few nuggets of information.

Associate producer from games publisher Asylum Interactive, Glen Parry explained the crux of the two titles:

The Wii game is a third-person action adventure which includes stealth, distraction devices and the ability to fire sonic blasts at appropriate targets, so definitely more action based. It is set in a dangerous starship that the Doctor and Amy have to traverse through solving puzzles within the environment.

The DS game is a puzzle adventure game in which the Doctor and Amy are investigating the last spaceship to leave Earth during a solar flare storm.

That settles that, then: action adventure on Wii, puzzle adventure on DS. Both games will feature stories written by Oli Smith, an author used to dealing with the Doctor due to having written several officially commissioned short stories about the Timelord.


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Raylax said:

I really really doubt these games will be worth owning, even for a huge Doctor Who fan (like me xD). Those screenshots are beyond fugly and I've yet to find a single noteworthy title in Asylum's back catalogue.

Please prove my wrong, Asylum.



FonistofCruxis said:

I agree with raylax. I'm a doctor who fan but these gams look crap and as raylax said these devs have never made nay good games before.



Zach said:

I'm really digging the art style for the DS game, and since a puzzle game mixed with story elements can be promising with the right writer, I'm looking forward to that one.



Amorous_Badger said:

The DS game looks more inviting than the Wii.

If the DS game is nothing more than Professor Layton with the Doctor and Amy, that'll do me.



YorkshireNed said:

they sound awful. I love how they boast that they have secured the writing services of Oli Smith, he hardly has an amazing pedigree:

At least the FREE games the BBC released for the BBC were written by somneone who had actually written for the television



RantingThespian said:

My expectations were so high ... til I saw the screen shots. Neither seem to be up to at least the quality of the PC games that have just been released.

But, as Raylax said, "Please prove my wrong, Asylum."

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