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EA's Budding Line-Up of 3DS Titles Starts With My Garden

Posted by Trevor Chan

No need to water your 3DS, do that in-game

The upcoming 3DS clearly packs a punch in the visuals department in more ways than one, and instead of portraying more human forms of photo-realism, EA has decided to introduce itself to the party with a gardening simulation as its first release on the platform.

My Garden (a working title), is exactly what it sounds like. Offering a variety of different environments such as the arid desert, the rainforest and the banks of a cascading brook, the title lets users choose from hundreds of flower and plant varieties and cultivate them in their own virtual garden. It's not all about plantlife though, as a selection of unique items can be used to help enhance the landscape.

You won't be on your own as a little sidekick called Tanuki will be on hand to test users on a variety of missions. Rare and exotic flowers can be unlocked by snapping photographs using the in-game camera, and there are 20 abilities that Tanuki can learn to help your garden reach its potential.

As your plants begin to grow, their colour and texture will be glorified on the 3D screen. The bright shades of your garden will naturally attract an array of insects, butterflies and birds, as well as other creatures. Additional flocks of birds can be summoned by blowing into the mic to simulate the use of a bird whistle, but if all that chirping starts to get on your nerves, simply shake the 3DS to shoo them all away. In doing so, coins will scatter which can be used on tools and plants.

EA plans to release My Garden as a launch title for the 3DS, whenever that is. Hopefully it won't be too long before we find out.

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Robo-goose said:

That's actually pretty cool! the flowers in 3D will probably be testing the system's capabilities.



Burning_Spear said:

A Tanuki assistant, huh? Maybe Tom Nook has branched out into selling gardening supplies.

That's a bag of fertilizer. It costs 5 million bells. Quite a bargain, yes?



HolyMackerel said:

Hmm, hopefully this isn't just shovelware.

Also, interesting that they used a song from The Sims 3 in the trailer video.



irken004 said:

Seems kinda like a meh concept. Not to mention the ground looks like sludge in some screenshots.



Megumi said:

Not that I care for these kind of games, still cool to be seeing new 3DS stuff.



Token_Girl said:

Is this seriously a retail release? 3DSWare would make sense, but tbh the launch lineup for the 3DS seems like it might be pretty dismal if Nintendo's only offering N64 ports and this is what the 3rd parties are bringing to the table.

Hopefully there will be a flood of game info dropping after Ninty's "big announcement" at the end of the month.



Morpheel said:

i may consider getting this if it is released as 3DSWare but for retail... at launch... with a bunch of snotty kids, teens and other nerds young adults like me watching... i dont think so.



fabes said:

i dont understand how there is like tons of different graphics on the 3ds. this games graphics dont look that great in some of the pictures but look at how resident evil is turning out, that game looks amazing. its just wierd that there are screen shots from alot of different games but it seems like they were all made for different systems



theblackdragon said:

@fabes: just like there's plenty of different graphics in normal games, there will be plenty of different graphics for games in 3D as well. it's still a work in progress, after all. :3



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Oh my god yes! My Garden! Heaven has just descended upon the Earth. Nothing for the 3DS will compare to this game ever!

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