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Fri 17th Sep 2010

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fabes commented on EA's Budding Line-Up of 3DS Titles Starts With...:

i dont understand how there is like tons of different graphics on the 3ds. this games graphics dont look that great in some of the pictures but look at how resident evil is turning out, that game looks amazing. its just wierd that there are screen shots from alot of different games but it seems like they were all made for different systems



fabes commented on Retail Rumour Pegs 3DS for April Launch Across...:

This cant be true because that is after March and they have officially stated that it will release sometime this current fiscal year which ends in march 2011 so they can release anytime from now until march but not afterwards uless they are liars. and if they were lying i will be extremely mad. i want the 3ds right now and i cant wait until april to get it.