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The Evolution of Mario, Ka-Boomed into a Mushroom Cloud

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Surely an illegal amount of Marios

The Super Mario has had a supremely prolific career since he first jumped a barrel and clonked an ape, with each new game slightly tweaking our mustachioed heroes appearance.

Want to see a whole bunch of them? Why, there's a neat-o mushroom cloud here that you should take a look at then! Running the whole gamut, wonder at the awkward early 3D Marios, or the ill-fated Virtual Boy Mario, and even Get Off My Lawn Mario next to his 16-bit Kart back view. Not to forget the side jobs he's had as a chef, pollution cleaner and doctor. Why anyone would take a pill from this man is beyond us.

Not every Mario in this mushroom cloud is unique, but we're willing to fudge the details in favor of it looking rad. See how many you can identify the game they're from, and if you're stumped then check out the full chronological legend on kaycircle.

What's your favorite incarnation of Mario?


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MetalMario said:

Best. Picture. Ever.

My favorite is Super Mario 64 Mario. First 3D one and also the one that becomes METAL.



Punny said:

It's amazing that they had so "mush room" to put all those Marios together! Now THAT'S fan service!

As for my favorite incarnation of Mario, it would have to be Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.



Winslow said:

my favorite incarnation of mario is actually paper mario. it's nice, it's simple, and I can actually draw it.



LoopyLuigi said:

Fave Mario? That'd have to be Hammer Mario from SMB3. yeah, chucking hammers that kill anything, Boos, even bowser, and it's fire-proof! yeah best power up ever. Metal Mario from 64 would be second, love that groovy metal beat music.

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