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Sonic Colours Gets Release Dates

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New Sonic titles in time for Christmas

Sega has just announced North American and European release dates for their upcoming Sonic Colours Wii and DS releases.

The games will hit European territories first on November 12th, followed by North American retailers four days later on November 16th.

Experience non-stop action as Sonic, with the new Color Powers, navigates through mountains of sweets, lush vegetation, and cosmic roller coasters in Dr. Eggman’s Interstellar Amusement Park.

We'll have a host of new screenshots of both titles up on their respective game pages later today and of course we'll have a full review of them up shortly after their releases.

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Punny said:

Sweet! After seeing new footage of the game, it's as promising as the press says it is. This will be on my Christmas list for sure. Only problem is which version I should get...



mecoy said:

man i wanted to researve conduit 2 before this i guess ill get this one and later on get conduit 2 but i really wanted this to be in janurary



James said:

Looks like I get to review these bad boys then. I cannot wait!



Winslow said:

This looks like a really fun game!
Sonic is one of the few series that I buy the new games day one.

(Zelda: duh! you know it's going to be good!'



HipsterDashie said:

I'm not going to hype myself too much (just in case) but I am going to say that these look promising. The DS version is probably guaranteed to be good, since it is essentially Sonic Rush 3.



sonic_brawler95 said:

It come out on the day after my birthday.
Its also the same day LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out, gotta make up my mind...... :i



Tails said:

Awesome just in time for christmas. Sonic hat will be mine. And will do the unboxing for it one the day it launches. Can't wait



Hokori said:

@PunnyGuy I would get the DS Version (sorry ive seen you ask that on multiple threads) because
1. Do you want it like Rush or SATSR (Not that SATSR was Bad But...)
2. looks more true Graphics wise (I know graphic arnt everything)
3. Portable (I also know more people play DS at home than on the go)



TKOWL said:

This game it holding up a fair bit of promise, but I'll have to wait for the reviews to get it.

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