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New World Record as Earthbound Completed in a PK Flash

Posted by James Newton

6 hours, 38 minutes and 16 seconds, to be precise

Earthbound is highly regarded, and rightly so: even to this day it captivates gamers the world over (apart from many in Europe, where it was never released.) One gamer who loves it more than most is speed runner Chris Corsi, who just set the Twin Galaxies-approved World Record for the fastest completion of the game at 6 hours, 38 minutes and 16 seconds, nearly 3 hours faster than the next contender.

At present there are only two verified times on the Twin Galaxies site, with Marc Merica in second place, so there's ample opportunity for gamers who fancy taking a crack at this World Record. The rules are available on Twin Galaxies for all to see, and if you intend to compete you might find the champion's hand-written notes of some use.


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Adam said:

Earthbound is thankfully a game that doesn't require almost any grinding. I imagine a lot of the time cut was from outside of battle. Wish we knew what tricks or glitches he used. Those first two pages of his notes are nice but not very revealing.



MasterGraveheart said:

Hey, great... now hurry up with the Virtual Console release, man!

(Once again, I do not believe Starman's claims.)



xAlias said:

JumpMad doesn't know what Earthbound is?! It's the hallmark of Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System Library! And yet.. Nintendo doesn't bother with a sequel or the original game being ported to VC.



MasterGraveheart said:

@WolfRamHeart: No, but it will be. If Nintendo can get away with a rendition of Winter Wonderland for Kirby's Epic Yarn, they can get away with whatever is claimed wrongly against EarthBound.



Adam said:

...or maybe, just maybe, they got permission to use the song. Winter Wonderland is actually actively copyright protected, and it illegal instances of it are often deleted online and sued offline. We won't know until the game comes out. It might be removed by then, or we might see the copyright information in the credits.



MeloMan said:

Yeah Snipes...

Man, I don't wanna turn this into a boo-hoo thread, but I thought SURE since Earthbound 2 (Excuse me, Mother 3 came out) we would get SOMETHING... No EB/Mother 2 for VC, No Mother 3, Europe hasn't played this awesome game... I just don't understand Nintendo's hang up with the phenomenon (that is now a controversy) that is Earthbound/Mother. Anyone have any info?



Adam said:

The popular theory, Melo, is that there are copyright issues due to large portions of the soundtrack either blatantly stealing from popular music (especially the Beatles, but not only them) or having too significant similarities.

Obviously not everyone buys this, but no one else has offered a better explanation, and anyone with an ear for music will tell you that the game would be trouble in this day and age where copyright is much more strictly enforced.

Nintendo, however, has not once commented on any supposed reason for continuing to neglect the series, so this remains a theory only. See Earthbound Central for more detailed information and judge for yourself.



Rensch said:

Once I got to see what all the fuss was about when they released Chrono Trigger in Europe 13 years too late, I got curious about this game as well.

Perhaps a Hanabi festival title someday. They did release the Super Mario RPG for VC as well.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It certainly wouldn't be as good, but couldn't they change the music in order to get some form of it on VC like they did with the TMNT arcade games to include them in the TMNT GameCube games?



Adam said:

They certainly could, Bulbasaurus, but the theory is that Nintendo of Japan and/or the game's creator (Shigesato Itoi) refuse to do so.

In fact, I read on Earthbound Central that a fan created what they called (and I paraphrase, because I forget) a "VC version," which was an edit of the game to represent how they thought Nintendo would have to release it if they did put it on VC. It took out music that could potentially lead to law suits and replaced it with other tracks from the game, and I think made some graphics changes, too. Not sure about that last part, and the music is really the big issue anyway.

I sure hope Nintendo reconsiders this someday if this is in fact the case.



Punny said:

This person takes his Earthbound seriously! With a time like that, he makes playing like "Poo" sound like a complement!

I want my Mother.



Tasuki said:

See they need to release this game on the VC that way future champions can start training a.s.a.p.



TingLz said:

For all you who are hoping for a VC release, think about this: there's no VC version in Japan of both Mother 1 and 2



JohnWalrus said:

I wonder how much time he spent finding the fastest way through the game; time he could have spent getting lai- married and having children?

Nah, just kidding. I envy speed-runners.



Starwolf_UK said:

I know on Speed Demos Archive they did it in 42 segments and through being able to use more risky strategies managed a time of two hours faster:

But comparisons should stop at the game name as the nature of the runs is very different (I'm sure the twin galaxies is a single segment as in start to finish in one sitting). A start-to-finish you're on the stop watch is rather different from being able to hit reset when you make a mistake (in single segment you've got to decide weather its worth saving your time and letting the mistake slip through).



motang said:

Even to this day this game is so popular, I sometimes think Nintendo intentionally don't want to remake and gives excuses to do so to keep it's popularity up.

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