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Podcast: Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!

Posted by James Newton

Reader's Awards and more!

Last month's E3 show in Los Angeles may be a blur for some, but here comes salvation: host James Newton and E3 attendee (and video star) Corbie Dillard sat down to bring you more details on some of the games and gossip you may have missed from the show.

We also announce the Nintendo Life Reader's Choice Awards for Best Wii Game, Best Handheld Game and Overall Best Game on a Nintendo Console. Warning: may contain surprises.

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If you enjoy the music played during Zach's This Nintendo Life section, you can check out the artists Antibreak and Christopher at these links.

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Missed a past episode of the Nintendo Life podcast? You can find the complete archive here, including Jon's stellar chip and game music show NLFM.

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User Comments (31)



turtlelink said:

Like usual, i stayed for the first 20 minutes. Great podcast though. I have to say though, i now have a huge feeling for what the 3DS' 3D would look like. When the slider is in, it looks like a DS game. when out, the background will drop back, like what Corbie said, but the foreground will pop out and move a bit up. A bit confusing if your reading this though. Anyway, Zelda and DQ ftw!



Machu said:

I spent my lunch-break listening to James and Corbie chat about games. Perfect.

Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I don't have time to listen so could someone post the winners in the comments please? Just make sure you give a spoiler warning because many people probably want to listen to it to find out.

EDIT: Well, actually I'm on vacation and only have my iTouch for Internet... So I can't litsten.



mecoy said:

kirby can go jump of a log
zelda it better be windwaker
dk is going to be beast i just wish this was on the gamecube
goldeneye 007 im just going with conduit 2
golden sun i never played and dont like jrpg's
zelda 3ds im not looking forward to i mean ill buy it for vc
dragon quest i think im supposed to get that
kid icarus i hope there is an easy mode i spent HOURS beating the first one



James said:

@edhe That's strange, I see we're listed on iTunes but the previous episodes aren't showing up. I'll look into it.



moomoo said:

DK won? :/ Didn't exactly get that idea from every one else's opinions. I was thinking Kirby would win.
And no love for Epic Mickey?



NintenFreak said:

this is my first time listening to the podcast and i didn't know that prosody is James newton.



jangonov said:

This is the first one I think I have listened to. Prosody, Even though I saw the little UK flag, I was not expecting the accent. Then again, I am American. I suppose I have the accent. Great show though! I will subscribe on iTunes as soon as I get my laptop back from repairs.



Homer_Simpson said:

Any chance you guys could cut the music when you're talking? I find it to be very distracting. Also, you're doing a great job but I think a non-scripted discussion section could make the podcast more interesting. Get a couple of NL staff and a couple of members and then just run through a list of discussion points, I think that'd work great. And all you need to do it is Skype....



Homer_Simpson said:

Yeah, and it was the most interesting part of the podcast. It was more of an interview than a discussion though, what I'm suggesting is to get several NL staff and users to participate in a structured discussion of recent Nintendo news. I've had experience running podcasts before, if you get the right mix of people it can make for a really entertaining listen.
This is just a suggestion though of course, you guys are doing a fantastic job as is but I can't help but think a disussion section could really add to the podcast..



y2josh said:

I agree, Homer J. It's great already, but discussions with about 4 people who know their stuff are pretty sweet



Corbs said:

Ah that would be fun. Definitely something to consider for future podcasts.



Zach said:

(Whisper whisper... I thought Zach's part wasn't too bad either...)

What? Who said that? Well, whoever it was, thank you!



Corbs said:

I'm with Sean. Loving the bits each podcast Zach. Keep 'em coming!



KiroX777 said:

i want a gamecube mario strikers for 3DS... just throwing that out there. you also didnt mention how the 3D looks when you tilt it like a wiimote steering wheel. because remember the 3DS has a motion sensor so games might support tilting, but with the 3D effect in account, these things might be an issue. i think the name might be changed so people arent expected to have EVERY game with 3D support.



morphballer said:

I don't know if I'd be ready to shell out $300 for the 3DS. Then again I haven't actually seen it yet so its hard to say...

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