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Horizon Riders Sets its Sights on WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Teaser trailer for Sabarasa's next project

The Wii has played host to some great shooters in its time, from arcade hits to brand new titles from genre masters Treasure, and Sabarasa is preparing to bring one more to WiiWare in the form of Horizon Riders.

Although the company's released little information so far, the teaser trailer below shows an arcade-style shooter, with all the bullets, explosions and high scores you'd expect. Check out the teaser and stay tuned as we'll bring you more information as it arrives.

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jbrodack said:

nice to see a shmup style game on wiiware but looks too much like a cheap version of sin and punishment.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Looks like Sin & Punishment, probably will be easier though. And will probably be 10 bucks. And looks to have pretty bad graphics. So essentially, it's an Easy Mode for Sin & Punishment.



Imerion said:

Finally saw the video. It looks like it could be really fun, but the graphics does certainly need some work. Like textures for the characters, which seems like a basic requirement. It's probably from an early version however, so it will most likely be fixed.

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